079 :: Last Word Is Rejoice

I only posted a blog 5 days ago due to the illness last week, but here I am posting again today. Still got a lingering dry cough which is annoying AF.

It’s the bank holiday weekend here in the UK and I can’t drink or eat any nice food as I have a small operation on Tuesday to check on my Crohn’s so I can only eat boring food and have to drink plenty of water. It’s a bit annoying but I decided that I’d rather have it done sooner rather than later.
Once i get the results I’ll find out if I can come off some of the medication I’ve been taking every day of my life since I was 17 which will be a big change. Mentally rather than anything else.

Permanently Moved


A brief discussion of the ol’ venerable Bedey and I talk at length about one of the best bands ever: Mineral.

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Permanently moved is a personal podcast 301 seconds in length, written and recorded in one hour by @thejaymo

Dipping the Stacks

No longer a conspiracy theory: MIT scientists confirm they possess technology to beam voices into your head

Saving My Neighbor – Just How Connected Are We? – Glory to God for All Things

Magic: The Gathering” is officially the world’s most complex game – MIT Technology Review

Daigo’s New Controller Causes A Stir In The Fighting Game Community [UPDATE]

The Ministry

Wrote a couple of 1000 words of LAP this week and drew out about 5 more pages of crazy man mind maps in the note book.

I started plotting my talk for Bordersessions amongst other things

Hopefully getting involved in a cool solarpunk audioproject. more soon.


I’ve gone back to reading more warhammer horus heresy books. there’s 50 in the series so far and i thinki’ve read about 15 of them – all this year. I’ve decided that i’m not going to read them all but pick and choose a few more before I start reading ‘the seige of terra’ which is the 6 books finale. The first one solar war was published this week. I think i have about 5 more books i want to read before i start that series.


As I said in my podcast this week – I went to see Mineral on Thursday. Whilst i was at the gig I saw about 15 people i knew! All 00’s emo kids. I could probably post about 10 bands that they have all been in over the years. But instead i’m just going to post my two favourite Mineral songs

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064 :: Citizenships and Community

Note Im writing this blogpost in the new wordpress visual editor thing. It’s crap and laggy as hell. Missing a bunch of features. Just Awful. 

It’s been a busy week for me (in comparison to other weeks recently). 

Monday Eve passed her driving test in the morning so we were all very pleased about that. We all had a celebration obviously.  

Tuesday was extremely domestic with appointments in the morning and later on in the day in kingston and back in Surbiton in the evening.

Wednesday I battled South Western Railway’s consistently piss poor service to arrive *on time* for lunchtime/early afternoon at Furtherfield. To discuss both the previosuly mentioned citizen scifi project and also a futurescapes project. Graham from spiralseed was there – whilst we have met before, it was the first time we have interacted in any great length.

Also, Mr James Taylor (AKA @LondonPrmcultr) was also at the same meeting, we’ve been tracking each other online for years at this point i think and it was good to ‘meat’ him IRL as it were. The discussion about the projects was fruitful but the best bit was being in the 12 pins at 3pm with them both. It’s one of the first times i’ve been able to nerd out about permaculture with people who are so deep in the discipline they teach PDC’s etc.

Following those drinks relocated to meet Mr Goth: Proprietor and president of https://xenogothic.com in soho. I arrived half cut, but you always start as you mean to go on when you’re meeting people off the internet i suppose. We had fantastic conversation about the state of the L/U/R/ACC milieu including the tech world. We ended up in the phoenix just behind the old BHS building and had a nice chat with a property man

Thursday morning was spent moving quite slowly after the evening before. But then went into town for the evening to eat dinner at Lima in Fitzrovia. Im not going to say who I had dinner with but it was absolutely fucking fantastic. I wouldn’t go back to that place if given the choice.

Friday was the landscape citizenships symposium at Conway hall, initiated in part by the good Tim Waterman – another internet acquaintance I’ve met via Furtherfield. You may remember I spoke about Kennith Olwig and his concept of landscape in episode 3 of permanently moved way back in April. He closed out the symposium and went off on one hard about the philosophy of euclidean geometry and how it relates to maps in reference to every thing he’d heard during the day.

A real highlight for me to be honest!

It was also a pleasure to sit next to the previously mentioned Good Mr LondonPrmcultr at the venue and have him as conference buddy for the day. We had many good chats reacting to what was going on with the academic talks. After that we went for beers with Andy Goldring the Boss of the UK Permaculture Association. That whole conversation smoking outside in the misty streets of london was fantastic. Realy realy facianting.

Saturday I went to St Albans to see the extended fams. I ate a delicious mushroom burger.

But now it’s sunder and I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather since I got in last night.

Permanently Moved

I didn’t record a permanently moved this week. But I may record two next week. I have a few things to respond to having been at the landscape citizenships conference

Dipping the stacks

Hauntology, Lost Futures and 80s Nostalgia 

That “ethics in hamburger journalism” article but I forgot to bookmark it Im sure you know the article im talking about.

Understanding Platforms through Value Chain Maps

For Sale: Neopaganism “As Is”

Visions of Ether: How major narratives of Ethereum and $ETH have evolved over time.

The Ministry

It’s all going quite well actually.


I haven’t been reading much this week, I used quite a bit of time traveling on the train to catch up on podcasts.

This interview with Eza Kline is really interesting: Whitney Phillips explains how Trump controls the media. So is the interview between rogan and the swimmer guy


Been a good week for music tbh. The news of the year has to be that there is a new mineral track – their first new song in 20 years.

I also finally got round to listening to Art Pop champion Kimbra’s new Album Primal Heart. It’s a mixed bag but there’s a bunch of amazing stand out tracks.

Remember kids: 

025 :: EndSerenading

Recovery from last week continues. A birthday and building of flatpack furniture.


Been a good week. Partly a long term recovery from the darkest moments of last week and also a celebration. It was Eves birthday at the top end of the week and we celebrated by hanging out with various parts of her family. My present to her was a voucher for the vegan tasing menu and wine flight at Gauthier Soho. I’m looking forward to it as much as she is I think.



In the spirit of our recovery Eve and I ended up doing a lot of spring clean-y type jobs in the flat this week including sorting out the dreaded cupboard under the stairs. We slung a bunch of shit in it when we moved in, and there it stayed until this week. I have found that there is a psychic tension that is released when you sort out an area of your house something like this. you find that there was a background pressure in the psychogeography of your personal space that you didn’t know was there until its gone. Similarly a second bookshelf arrived this week enabling us to pick all the books up off the floor in the bedroom and living room AND it means that we could also unpack the last of the boxes of books we had remaining from when we moved in.

Also, a consequence of the aforementioned birthday is that we welcome two new friends into our lives: a lovely Prayer Plant and a Bromeliad (Names TBD). Both these plants are welcome additions to our living room and do not seem to be minding our bright but north facing bay window.

Dipping the stacks

  • There is a certain thrashing that culture is doing: like it is unwilling (or unable) to look clearly at the problem – of its own devising
  • Internet friends reaching out and doing well
  • Some pretty big actors have started to see crypto currencies as a threat
  • The royal mint is launching a gold backed CC
  • Why don’t others just block people if they are annoyed by them?

The Ministry

I really only had one piece of ‘work work’ to do this week which was attend a meeting at the organisation i am coaching. I used it as an oppertunity to set a much wider more significat piece of work that they need to do across their organisation in motion. So despition busting my ass to get across london for the meeting im glad that worked out well.

As part of the birthday celebrations I spoke with Mega Game creator Jim Wallman in the pub and the conversation I had with him about his company, practice and work has sent a piece of research I have been working on for a while in a new and interesting direction this week – more on this eventually I suppose.

I sent off my manuscript ‘On Meditation’ to my editor. I actually finished it a while ago but have sat on it as I’m not happy with some of the stuff I wrote in it. But i didn’t care enough to go back and re-write it at this point. Lets see where I stand when it comes back. The re-write might be bigger than expected


After all the grand plans to read whatever, the illness last week and general busy week this week meant that LMAO I only read The Little Book Of Calm which to be honest is kind of an I Ching for early 90’s meditators full of nice short pithy aphorisms. I picked it up in a charity shop as Paul Wilson’s The Calm Technique is the best beginners book i’ve read.


I did listen to the new hardcore history on ‘Painfotainment‘ which is Four and a half hours of dan carlin talking on public executions and hangings and the types of people and by extension societies that allow them to take place, opening with the roman colosseum and closing with lynchings of the 1930s America and the rise of the internet. Its a great blitz episode and obviously was created to scratch and itch that Dan Carlin had been experiencing for a while.


Half my life ago EndSerenading the second and final full-length album by Mineral changed the direction of my life. Everything about the album was just incredible to me back in 2000ish and is one of the greatest albums of all time.

My 1998 Crank! CD of it crapped out sometime after university so it was MP3 based for for a long time. But in 2014 I bought the Deluxe LP x2 at their final ever gig in Camden Underworld. It is now one of my favourite/most treasured vinyls.


Lil Peep (RIP) caused some controversy at the time, but i’m really glad this exists.

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