062 :: Dystopias Now

I’m under the weather today. Thought I had a cold coming, but it has moved in to my head instead so I’ve been sleepy all day so this post is short.

Went to the launch of Ignota Books‘ first publication Spells on Halloween.

The Nigredo Ritual that opened the night was the real deal. Exciting times ahead I think.

Last night i went to see the Green Rock River Band  at the south bank centre

then went on a nice Friday night dinner date with Eve afterwards :)

Permanently Moved

Episode 28 – General Ludd

Thinking about the Luddites this week, what are the wide frames of today? which bits of the stack need a visit at midnight?

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Dipping the stacks

Dystopias Now

The Ministry

Nanowrimo began…. I’m typing

Went for dinner with someone from tactical tech it was super interesting.


I finished RED MOON . I have thoughts on it.


I’ve been listening to A LOT of Australian neoclassical ambient doom duo Divide and Dissolve’s new album Abomination this week. Its awesome. Play it fucking loud.

Remember kids:

Always take selfies




011 : on #stacktivism – my #ILIW13 talk

:: we cannot have a conversation about something whilst it remains unseen ::

‘The stack’The chain of interconnected activities and technologies of current and historical significance that spread far beyond the individual.

Stacktivism Logo

I think there are many people beginning to have/shape a conversation around the stack: From Jo Guldi the author of Roads to Power: Britain Invents the Infrastructure State , Timo Arnall in his No to NoUI piece, Benjamin Bratton and his geopolitics of the cloud and theoretical languge of ‘the stack’, artist/Critical Engineer Julian Oliver (Eyeo2012 talk is very good) & course my good friend Vinay Gupta.

> who owns the means of not dying?

> who controls the stack?

> is infrastructure neutral?

> what are the dilemmas of radical texts on Amazon in relation to capitalist realism while sat under a Tumblr image hosted on Amazon ?

On Sunday I gave a talk at ‘Immaterial Labour Isn’t Working: Digital Culture, Digital Work, Digital Insurrection’ hosted by Autoitaliasoutheast – the panel session was on New Luddism.

I used my time to introduce the concept of #stacktivism a term that i think allows us to form & give shape to the conversation around infrastructure & our relationship we have to it. I do not seek to define it, merely give shape to an idea.

The concept is early days & in its infancy: I hope my talk embedded below is a useful primer/introduction to this enquiry.

Join in the conversation here :: Stacktivism.com

stacktivism.tumblr.com + @stacktivism )