044 :: It’s good to talk

“Half of the skill in magick consists of identifying probabilities worth enhancing.”
― Peter J. Carroll, Psybermagick: Advanced Ideas in Chaos Magick


So my friends British Doom Folk Band have a new album out. I think I may already mentioned it.

Its been getting really good reviews and it seems to be selling well on CD. But what is selling extremely well is the Green Rock River Brew! Its already been nominated for an award!


Extremely Hangover Friendly

They now have a beer from Langham Brewery that whenever they play a show is now on tap at the pub, I think that is extremely 2018 folk band merchandise.

Listen to, and maybe buy the album if you haven’t already its really good.

Permanently Moved

This week I bring back Tech Support to talk about some browser extensions I’ve been trying for dealing with my social media problems.

I highly recommend installing the apps I mention in the show if you are sick of social media the way its currently designed.

Dipping the stacks

I blocked the terms. Football and WorldCup and World Cup

The Ministry

I’ve had even more calls this week than last week. It kinda feels like I’ve been chained to my desk but thats ok TBH. Instead of complaining about needing to get more productive, post holiday I’ve just decided to get on with it. I am the sort of person who reacts really well to routine and chains. My longest unbroken chain is 1000+ days of daily meditation – so i’ve been trying to add daily tasks of writing 350 words minimum, working on one non fiction article a week. (im about to take the ribbon farm longform writing course )

Expect more.


Nothing. The time i set aside for reading has been taken up by completing Doom 2016 on the Switch, and now I’m sucked into fallout shelter that came out for the switch during E3. I’m so into it.


new #ye produced album obviously

Remember Kids:





033 :: Contradictions


The Esotericon & Portals of Chaos by Peter J. Carroll


I’m back on the chalk for Easter. Its nice to be home – which my teenage self would find extremely an annoying thing to hear myself saying – I haven’t been back for a little while.  Got to eat cauliflower straight from the garden. I went to the stripping of the altars at the family church (I think of it this way as my great grandad was a stone mason on the tower) of St Andrew’s on Thursday night, and on Friday the parental unit sang Stainers Crucifixion with the choir – it was really amazing. I don’t care for Christmas or Easer Sunday as much as I care for Good Friday to be honest with you. The bible and the stories of the Saints are lousy with resurrections and miraculous births.

But there is only one Crucifixion.

It hasn’t stopped raining sideways since I got here which is no surprise at all, but the Full Moon has added the surprise event of some dramatic spring tides to enjoy if you can survive the bracing north sea wind.


The photo below is the harbour masters building, I have always thought it looks like it jumped straight out of a  pre – linear perspective drawing. And I wonder if the perspective wasn’t bad back then, just maybe all their buildings didn’t have a right angle on them.


Permanently Moved


Just a pointless discussion on Feedback including some of what I received for the the first episode.

The content is pretty mediocre tbh. But it learnt a lot this week about what it means to smash something out in an hour (including editing)

Dipping the stacks

I really haven’t spent that much on the socials this week at all.

  • People are still mad at surveillance capitalism
  • Russia is still the boogie man despite the original reports unravelling
  • ‘Conspiracy Theory’ the term is a PSYOP and always has been. Sad to see so many people falling for it. Blanket banishment.

The Ministry

I was asked the other day why I call this section ‘The Ministry’. I was going to answer that it stands for fact that I’m The minister of my own labour, but I just shrugged. The other implied connotations are also acceptable.

Had a call about the event in the Netherlands in May – announcing next week.

Spoke to my editor about the damn meditation book, what do you do if you wrote something that you no longer agree with even before its published?

Wrote a short primer covering the next 10years of tech roadmap for ecological sensing and warring AI’s. Might post it to medium soon.

Wasted a lot of time playing DOOM on my switch. Not really ‘Work’ but it felt like it the amount of stress it’s causing me.


I was just about to start The Invention of Nature by Andrea Wulf but Improbable Botany arrived – a book I backed on kickstarter back in May 2017 so I started reading that on the train back to Kent instead.  I haven’t even read it yet but I’m going to recommend it.

“Eleven leading science fiction authors imagine alien plant invasions and botanical futures in this short story anthology.”





Only ‘new’ thing i’ve been listening to this week is Charlotte Adigéry’s S/T EP from last year.

Remember Kids: