091 :: Birthday!

Another fairly wild week. Recovering from Sonar lurgy – Which I’ve given to Eve but it seems she’s got a bronchitis upgrade.

It was my birthday this week. I spent the day melting in the record breaking heat. Eve got me the Folio Society edition of Dune. It’s wonderful.

I went to hospital to see my consultant and got told that after 17 Years I can finally come off my immunosuppressant I take for my Crohn’s Disease. Its weird already not taking them along side the others. Every day of my adult life I’ve taken them. Spent just as long taking them as I lived before i was diagnosed. So FUCK YEAH! May my health continue to improve.

I got taken to Claridge’s for Lunch Yesterday. I’d never been. They gave me a cake.

Today was supposed to house party day. But the rain and eves crushing sickness has put paid to that. Curry house table for 10 and then pub it is.

Permanently Moved

What Would Your Teenaged Self Think Of You?


Post Birthday 2019.

Stopping my autoimmune medication for Crohn’s disease after 17 years. 

Stick to the three point plan.


What Would Your Teenaged Self Think of You? – Human Parts – Medium

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Permanently moved is a personal podcast 301 seconds in length, written and recorded in one hour by @thejaymo

Todays Episode it probably the single most personal thing i’ve ever posted to the internet. Hope you like it.

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The Healing Power of Sound as Meditation | Psychology Today

What does anthropology say about the emotional lives of others? | Aeon Essays

Environment: Teens tackle 300 acres in Brecon Beacons – BBC News

Don’t Scoff at Influencers. They’re Taking Over the World. – The New York Times

The Ministry

Book got another 10k words added to it this week.

Had a few meetings with mentors and friends this week too. I think I’ll know the shape of my life soon enough.


I’m on to the Buried Dagger. Book 54 and the LAST book in the series. It might also be one of my fav’s. It humanises one of the main character’s in the series The Primarch of the Death Guard Legion Mortarion. He even cracks a few jokes.

Image result for buried dagger


I’ve basically been listening to CALIGULA by LINGUA IGNOTA big thanks to Warren for pointing out that it had come out. It’s a triumph! Incredible album.

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080 :: The Necroshire Confines

A full week this week. I had to have a small day surgery operation on Tuesday which required me to take an inordinate amount of laxatives over the bank holiday weekend last weekend. I can’t say I enjoyed the whole experience but I’m glad its over. The knock on effect is I may be able to come of some of the medication I’ve been taking since I was 17 so thats a massive win.

I spent the day with my brother who is back from halfway around the world for 10days. I wont see him again till Christmas. We went for a long walk along the Thames. Caught up and hung out.

Yesterday I hung out with Mr vickers. We had brunch in soho and then walked though a bustling Regent’s park and chatted about how the universe works.

JayMo Sprangdex – Controlling all dataflows in and out of The Necroshire Confines

After that I jumped on the train and went to my old housemates birthday there were many dogs. All attempts at ballgames were swiftly abandond.

Permanently Moved


I talk about what ‘The Mainstream’ means for me with regard to the Dark Forest Internet.

“Friends shouldn’t let friends go into the woods alone”

Note: I overwrote the script a little bit and had to cut about 5 seconds worth of pauses and breaths out of this episode so the delivery is a little manic. (Soz)


The Dark Forest Theory of the Internet 

Breaking Smart Newsletter

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Permanently moved is a personal podcast 301 seconds in length, written and recorded in one hour by @thejaymo

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Experimental device generates electricity from the coldness of the universe

As climate change worsens, some people might decide to DIY a solution – Vox

‘If You’re Playing EVE Online You Basically Already Have An MBA,’ Says Player Who Started His Own Company

Water restrictions to kick in on June 1 for Sydney as big dry worsens

The Ministry

Still plugging away at the book. Things in your head get much harder to express once fixed to the page.


I’m still reading warhammer books


Why? have a new track

I really like it. The line ‘Baptised in the kitchen sink’ is fantastic.

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079 :: Last Word Is Rejoice

I only posted a blog 5 days ago due to the illness last week, but here I am posting again today. Still got a lingering dry cough which is annoying AF.

It’s the bank holiday weekend here in the UK and I can’t drink or eat any nice food as I have a small operation on Tuesday to check on my Crohn’s so I can only eat boring food and have to drink plenty of water. It’s a bit annoying but I decided that I’d rather have it done sooner rather than later.
Once i get the results I’ll find out if I can come off some of the medication I’ve been taking every day of my life since I was 17 which will be a big change. Mentally rather than anything else.

Permanently Moved


A brief discussion of the ol’ venerable Bedey and I talk at length about one of the best bands ever: Mineral.

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Permanently moved is a personal podcast 301 seconds in length, written and recorded in one hour by @thejaymo

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No longer a conspiracy theory: MIT scientists confirm they possess technology to beam voices into your head

Saving My Neighbor – Just How Connected Are We? – Glory to God for All Things

Magic: The Gathering” is officially the world’s most complex game – MIT Technology Review

Daigo’s New Controller Causes A Stir In The Fighting Game Community [UPDATE]

The Ministry

Wrote a couple of 1000 words of LAP this week and drew out about 5 more pages of crazy man mind maps in the note book.

I started plotting my talk for Bordersessions amongst other things

Hopefully getting involved in a cool solarpunk audioproject. more soon.


I’ve gone back to reading more warhammer horus heresy books. there’s 50 in the series so far and i thinki’ve read about 15 of them – all this year. I’ve decided that i’m not going to read them all but pick and choose a few more before I start reading ‘the seige of terra’ which is the 6 books finale. The first one solar war was published this week. I think i have about 5 more books i want to read before i start that series.


As I said in my podcast this week – I went to see Mineral on Thursday. Whilst i was at the gig I saw about 15 people i knew! All 00’s emo kids. I could probably post about 10 bands that they have all been in over the years. But instead i’m just going to post my two favourite Mineral songs

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069 :: Nice

I missed posting last weekend due to being super busy with a friends engagement party and the subsequent hangover. It’s Wednesday now and I can barely remember what went on…

*looks at diary*

I had an MRI on Wednesday. Just a general check in after 16 years of Crohn’s Disease. I had to drink a ton of laxatives so that meant the rest of the day hanging out with the squirtle sqaud.

Oh yeah. Had a great time in central on Monday at a social thing full of internet weirdos.

I met with the founder of a super cyberpunk real estate project for Lunch on Friday. Hung out with some old/former colleagues over coffee and then went to see a show and tell from Common Knowledge at newspeak house

Dipping the stacks

Five Indonesian Authors You Should Read | Literary Hub

Meet Romania’s Very Internet-Savvy Witch Community

How do we use Neighbourhood Planning to fight climate change? – Shared Assets

The Ministry

Check out Common Knowledge (A not-for-profit workers cooperative)
They are Activists and software developers designing platform-level tools to grow the grassroots left.

Having been to their public sprint review, I am extremely impressed at the high level of operation going on in this outfit.


I finished Dune. Not the first one, but book 8 – of the whole main chronicles series. I’ve read all 8 of them since Jan and quite frankly I’m all dune’d out. I have some notes towards doing a podcast on it soon.

I just started reading Tim’s Infinite Detail. It has one hell of an opening.

Image result for infinite detail


This performance of Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto no.2 by Anna Fedorova is incredible.

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001: soapless

Before I begin, I just want to assure you that this isn’t some crazy rant. About being a hippy, being green/eco friendly, saving loads of money, or the grooming / beauty product industry, it is just something I’ve done. I can only peak of my own experience

I haven’t washed my hair with shampoo or conditioner since the 1st of January 2010.

New years eve, I was sitting at home being boring, babysitting my ex’s kids & came across this article : I Like No Soap; No Shampoo  and as Sean Bonner from Boingboing so eloquently put it a year later: The TL;DR version: Your body is designed to regulate itself. Smearing chemicals all over it wrecks its own built-in processes, and screws with naturally balanced pH levels. this made sense to me and I thought I’d give it a shot.

When i was 17 i was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, and after leaving hospital I was taking in excess of 20+ pills a day to get it under control. For nearly 5 years I was taking corticosteroid steroids – fortunately I didn’t experience any of the more unfortunate side effects of long term steroid use. But the one I did experience (aside from burning horribly the instant I walked out into any strong sun) resulted in dry skin patches all up my arms, across my upper back & forehead. My skin before this had never been particularly sensitive.

But I remember after about 18 months of taking the tablets, I was in the shower in my flat at university washing my hair. Quite suddenly my skin began to burn, it went red and looked VERY unhappy with me… even after I had got out the shower I felt like i was on fire.

After some experimentation, I quickly realised that I had become super sensitive to almost all kinds of soap, shampoo, conditioners, and body washes. My doctor basically told me to suck it up and prescribed me E45 cream. It was obvious to me I couldn’t continue using ‘normal’ products most people used.

For the years after; my product selection was based solely around seeking out the most natural, simple, gentle products I could find. believe me: i tried ALL the things. a little later my housemate in 2006 was a manager of a LUSH (still is infact). I can positively report I experimented with almost their entire range.

So sticking to the natural simple products cleared up my skin pretty well. Some worked better than others, and the last of the small patches of dry skin that did remain were something i could live with – i wholeheartedly recommend the Simple Skincare range to anyone who suffers from aggro skin; and also LUSHs’ dream cream was also a product I would totally recommend (and it smells frickin amaze too!). The good news is eventually in 2008 I came off steroids. The bad news was the bad skin didn’t go away.

Considering i had never managed to stick to a new years resolution and this was a relatively simple lifestyle change: I decided to go soap/shampoo free and gave it a go.

The first week was the worst. My hair was greasy by lunchtime but I resisted the urge to shower in the evenings and powered on through. by the end of the second week things had started to settle in a bit, and my head was less of a disaster area. i have to admit i was always really conscious of my greasy hair and was definitely paranoid at work that people were noticing it. but apparently they weren’t.

By the end of the first 6 weeks my hair was was looking healthy, soft and in better condition than it had ever been! the results were quite remarkable.
in the beginning i was combing my hair with a normal hair comb in the shower. but as the my hair degreased the level of dandruff created by my head didn’t decrease at the same rate. so i thought the best way to get rid of it was to just comb it out, so i went out a bought a bad assed nit comb.

Just using a nit comb and water in the shower does a good job of removing any loose hairs that might be ‘stray’ (thanks dad :C) and any dandruff that’s lurking about – as you physically scrape it off your head with the comb.

Now…some of you reading this may be embarrassed by the presence of a nit comb in your bathroom. but when I look at it, i know that its my only grooming er ‘instrument’ and i’m cool with that. PLUS its super useful/efficient and space saving if you go away traveling!

I would say that my hair is pretty short and has been varying lengths of short – shaggy since i started this whole thing. here’s a recent picture of me with post party hair

Lastly, not that I want to go too deeply into the subject BUT Ladies & Gents incase your wondering.. hygiene in the nether regions has neither been a problem or an issue. NO weird smells or odours and honestly I think the lack of soaps and other foreign chemical has actually had a positive effect. i think i smell great! women certainly don’t need to ever purchase ‘femfresh’ vaginal wipes or what ever the shit. that’s for sure.

So there we are. post done. after over two and a half years (30 months) of not using shampoo or conditioner i can honestly say i would never go back. I have found, that i simply do not need soap or shampoo in my life.