040 :: Late Again

To whom it may concern: It is springtime.

– Kurt Vonnegut


Yup. Late again because I was travelling/working. I really think I should probably double down on the schedule and stick to it regardless of what I’m doing. I didn’t even do the podcast last week. as I was on a plane and traveling around. Thats said, I don’t think that I couldn’t have made one on the go.. I own a tiny mono-mic that plugs into my phone so… yeah. My Bad.

I was having a great time wandering around Amsterdam in the morning on Thursday and then Rotterdam before I spoke at Het Nieuwe Instituut in the evening.  The talk was well attended for a (bank holiday) and it went well:

Title: Solarpunk: A grand dress rehearsal in remaking our present and future history.

Blurb: Right now, across disparate fields, a future is being built. But the future does not passively ‘arrive’ fully formed from the aether, we must first meet it the way humanity has always done: though dreams, stories and song. This talk will explore narrative strategies and strategic narratives such as RetroSuburbia and Land as Platform to make life more wonderful for us right now, and more importantly for the generations that follow.

I’m not sure how the talk will be posted online but I’ll find out. If its not documented in full I might ask for the audio from the board and slap the slides over the top and post it to medium or something.

After the event we drank tiny beers and I finally met Mx from Terra0.org and a bunch of people from Fiber Festival and also Boarder Sessions, plus its funny that Bratton’s New Normal Crew are everywhere in the circles I move in. It was really worth while.

On the Friday there was a workshop that was about living along side DAOS etc. Definitely hints of the European creative scene are goldilocksing their way to re-enchanting the world, but Calvinism has run a real number on the Dutch thats for sure especially the atheist ones.


I’m grateful to IAS Associate Sjef for his hospitality and also the link up to the Nieuwe Instituut in the first place.

Permanently Moved

Permanently late more like amiright?

Dipping the stacks

Who the fuck cares anymore about social media? Since i installed Twitter Demetricator and put my phone in black and white I definitely have spent less time on it.

The Ministry

Well apart from all the stuff above I have a new laundry list of things I need to work on. And I need to plough though them as quickly as possible as i’m away again for 10 days at the end of May.

Wish me luck.


I’ve started reading The Contemplative Journey by Thomas Keating Fr. Thomas Keating, is a Trappist monk and priest, known as one of the architects of Centering Prayer, a contemporary method of contemplative prayer, that emerged from St. Joseph’s Abbey, Spencer, Massachusetts, in 1975. It’s fascinating to read so soon after St Teresa of Ávila’s The Interior Castle.


Some of my best buds in the whole wide world have a new album out. If you are interested where the state of the UK’s Country/Folk Scene is this album is the Shonky Tonk British Doom Folk album for you

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039 :: Unspool

Wizard Prang was threatened by toast. He knew that he was supposed to eat breakfast. It was good for him. But eating was exactly what he did not want to do early in the morning.

Chronicles of Wizard Prang by Stafford Beer


This post is three days late. It did briefly cross my mind about 8am on Saturday that I needed to post something but i was A. too tired (no one seems to sleep in berlin?) B. too busy and had to run out the door for a breakfast engagement, followed by brunch, then get to Trust for my p2pWeb talk, then after that was drinks, dinner, then more drinks.

So in short it was kinda busy.

I’m frantically preparing for my next round of being away from home due in Rotterdam on Thursday. Conversations I took away with me from Berlin have caused it to pivot some what a a major re-write is in process.

It is now Tuesday and it’s nearly 30 degrees so i don’t want to spend all day inside either.

Permanently Moved

Episode 7: Eugh what a drag to get this done today! Thanks for listening everyone! Please stick with me, really not feeling this one today.

Dipping the stacks

I don’t want to talk about it.

The Ministry

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 17.33.28.png


I finished invention of nature.


TarLung had an album out last year and i missed it. Sludgy Doom FTW

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036 :: Technical Support

“Lack of proper planning does not constitute an emergency” – Ancient Project Manager Saying


Been a super fun week. Went drinking with Dr Kane Bidwell last night so I am feeling a little slow today. I need to get back up to full speed by later as we have friends coming over for more drinking. Its a nice life.

The weather is going to be gorgeous for the next week up to 23 degrees on Wednesday so i’m planning on going for a lot of walks by the thames and in Richmond park and will just spend the time thinking about my upcoming talks for May. I usually write/give the whole thing in my head over and over and then sit down and make the supporting slides. I’m hoping to have draft 1 of both talks complete by this time next week.

I bought some EZY Jeans from uniqlo and have been telling absolutly everyone how amazing they are. They have literally become my favourite item of clothing – maybe ever. I’m wearing them right now. A friend texted me saying “The EZY Jean comfort community welcomes you” lol.

Eve has started renting a counselling / therapy room in Kingston, I’m not sure if i’ve mentioned it by we have been running around the last 2 weeks getting everything ready for that. its looks great, she had her first client in it Sunday, and two other councillors are interested in renting the room already so that is 100% great! So proud of her.

Permanently Moved

Episode 4 has come around quickly. In this episode I address some feedback, moan about the neighbours, make a few announcements, and begin a new (hopefully) recurring segment called tech support.

It’s also now available in all your favourite pod catchers! (iTunes is still in review tho)

Peer to peer web Berlin: peer-to-peer-web.com/berlin/2018-05-05

Solarpunks podcast signup form eepurl.com/dqHO-9

Dipping the stacks

I don’t even know why people are so mad. This narrative has been 3 years in the making.

The Ministry

I’m speaking at peer to peer web Berlin on May the 5th!

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 11.59.36.png

I’m speaking at het nieuwe instituut in Rotterdam on May the 10th and there will be a workshop on the 11th

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 12.01.09.png

My talk title for Rotterdam:

Solarpunk: A grand dress rehearsal in remaking our present and future history.

Right now, across disparate fields, a future is being built. But the future does not passively ‘arrive’ fully formed from the aether, we must first meet it the way humanity has always done: though dreams, stories and song. This talk will explore narrative strategies and strategic narratives such as RetroSuburbia and Land as Platform to make life more wonderful for us right now, and more importantly for the generations that follow.

If you have a Runesoup subscription and are so inclined you can hear me talk with Gordon about solarpunk for over an hour in the bonus member material.

I’ve been writing a lot of fiction recently (500 words a day) and I’ve resurrected my hard sci-fi solarpunk novella which is a sci-fi novel where the world building is all technologies that exist today. Super solarpunk tbh.

Elvia Wilk wrote a long post over on e-flux about solarpunk: Is Ornamenting Solar Panels a Crime?


I’m still reading Improbable Botany And   The Invention of Nature by Andrea Wulf.

I also would like to point your attention to this long read on solar orientated cities


Junglepussy has new music.



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032 :: Permanently Moved

Certainly there had been trouble coming. Anyone who had had any experience of wars would have seen it coming long before the afternoon that Mack ran down Morris the Florist.” 

Chapter 4, The Summer Before the War, The Pushcart War by Jean Merrill


Well, it’s been a cool week. I’ve seen a bunch of friends I haven’t seen in a while.

I’ve also been super productive with writing and working on various projects. The reason I went to Berlin is chooching along too.

On Thursday I went for walk/dinner/drinks with Mr Stephen Fortune I had a great time catching up with him. We talked about: his QS work and the closing months of his PHD ahead, web3 technologies, the crypto bourgeoisie, our respective Crohn’s Disease and health, meditation / fasting, regnerative ag, warring AI’s betting on prediction markets over their climate change models. Land as Platform and the spirit world and rehaunting the west via Christianity. All in a days work to be honest with you. Fun times.

We also went for Japanese food and drank hibiscus cocktails


Had a bit of a black mirror moment at the end of our meal when our waitress asked us to rate and review her personally on tripadvisor mentioning her by name. Immediately after that, the PDQ Terminal asked me a NPS question – Totally surreal.

The other thing that happened this week:

Warren posted The Short Things over on Morning.Computer . I thought about it over breakfast and decided “challenge excepted”.

So I give you the experiment:

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 15.34.00

A podcast in 301 seconds.

I want to get a few more episodes/shows under my belt before I submit the feed to all the podcatchers etc. But the direct RSS can be grabbed here.

Please send feedback though either via DMs or email. I’ve already been told to go in the direction of ‘Crypto-agri Joe Frank’

I think that instead of starting one podcast (solarpunks) why not start two?

Dipping the stacks

  • People are mad at surveillance capitalism
  • Russia is still the boogie man
  • Idiot wing of the tory party made fools of themselves on a fishing boat

The Ministry

I threw for some futures earlier in the year when the space weather was good for me. One of those requests to the universe was to do more live speaking.

I thought I’d hit the Jackpot when I got asked in a back channel to speak at Re:Publica Berlin 18 well after the submission deadline had closed. This week I found out it wasn’t accepted but you can read that talk submission over on tumblr here.

I was pretty down about not being accepted to be honest with you, but within an hour of receiving the bad news the following happened.

I’d been asked to speak at peer to peer web berlin  in May the same weekend that Re:Publica is on, AND received and email to speak at/attend a 2 day workshop in Rotterdam (also) in May.

So yeah, thats how the universe works I suppose.


I ain’t read shit, don’t @ me.


The new Titus Andronicus album A Productive Cough is absolutely awful. Don’t even bother with it.

What you should bother yourself with however is that Sevdaliza has a new single out called Human Nature I really like it

Her album ISON was a fav from last year. And the video for the single HUMAN is absolutely incredible

Remember kids:


018 :: “I have learned that to be with those I like is enough” ― Walt Whitman

It’s been nearly a year since i posted here and the funny thing is the last post #017 was literally being a round up for 2014.

I haven’t ever been one for blogging because in part my dyslexia but also my general hatred of writing. I started this blog years ago with the intention of writing once a week. That lasted about 3 weeks… and then it turned into a place to dump the occasional post of things i’ve been up too. One of the main problems is that i haven’t ever figured out what this space is ‘for’ web diary it shouldn’t be.

What are Blogs for? Brings me onto a major current of discussion that has been running in back channels and freely over beers this year. That discussion of the state of social media and, feelings towards it and how does one engage with it.

In 2015: Some friends have gone ‘write only’, others read only, Some have repurposed seizable personal accounts towards publishing ventures and others have gone full sekret account and time warped back to 2008 twitter. I’ve been toying with the idea of moving over to tumblr and publishing everything out to twitter ‘write only’ style too but i’m still not sure.

Warren Ellis posted ‘Throwing Yourself Down A Memory Hole’  over at morning.computer in early December:

I’m tempted to delete every tweet I’ve ever posted.  Leaving the account live, but scrubbing it of life. On the one hand, that is doing violence to the public record.  But that is egotistical.  I remember stories of people executing “mass scribbles” on the Well, back in prehistoric times, and people apparently being terribly upset about it. But the net was very small back then. On the other hand, you see — who’s going to care? When I got on the web, there were still jokes about being able to read to the end of it.  Now it’s massive and loud and sprawling and the absence of any one person’s social media posts is less than meaningless to the public record.  There are already people who use services to delete their own tweets after a week. Self-destructing conversational atoms. Treating the whole thing with the ephemerality it probably deserves.

We all had a lot to say about the idea of a global conversation, but it turned out that most of us were at the back, muttering to ourselves, or, on occasion, finding ourselves talking to a chair.

Today I remain undecided.  How about you?

Ahmet A. Sabancı (@ahmetasabanci) followed up with a thoughtful response


I was trying to find a way to build myself a “calmer internet” for some time, because of the very similar reasons. Most of the things we call internet today is a total mess and they’re doing everything possible to turn these into something more useless. While we need more stuff to curate the information flowing, we get more stuff makes all these more impossible to control. Because, let’s make it clear, advertisers wants it that way.

What should we do now? When I’ve started using internet, what I fall in love with it was conversation and the limitless information I can consume whenever I want, however I want. But we somehow let this controlled by Google, Facebook, Twitter and others. While they did a lot good at first, they’re now letting the control to the advertisers and governments. And that’s why I can’t leave my blog and other sites I’ve build. I prefer having this conversation from blog to blog and at the comments instead of Twitter. I know that it won’t reach a lot of people but same goes for tweets and Facebook posts too. And I prefer writing a blog post instead of 20-of-234 style Twitter rants.

Others this year have written or spoke on podcasts about using social media more ephemerally, (you should all listen to http://mindfulcyborgs.com/ if you arn’t already) and i’m inclined to agree.

Gordon (runesoup.com) also wrote this month:

In the between space of what blogs were and what they are becoming -in person discussion, comments, social posts, actual blog posts and lived personal experience

All this combined makes me think that 2016 should be devoted to more in person conversations, more dinners, attending more meetups & days spent talking and hanging out with friends in person. As for my own approach to social media that is TBD, maybe i’ll just try and blog more, tweet less and generally spend less time there.

I met with Ben in early Dec on a Sunday for brunch. The day generated 8-10 pages of notes, we drank beers and i paid well over the odds for Egg and Soldiers. However it was one my favourite days in the latter half of this year. Other memorable things that have happened this winter have included: A burger disaster in a hawaiian restaurant with Jay Owens, and having lunch with communist friends in between discussing the state of the Mainstream media’s coverage of the Corbyn leadership and screwing around an Occulus.

With that in mind looking back on the last 12 or so months it has been a less eventual in terms of ‘Stuff’ and more eventual in terms of ‘life’. So instead of posting general links to things i’ve written or content i’ve produced this year i thought i might write some brief notes month by month that stick out in my memory for 2015.  This list is an non exhaustive list obviously [EDIT: Looks like a lot of the things i mentioned are IRL interactions so 2016 might just be the year of ‘experience’]


Talk on Egregore’s, consciousness, and ‘corporations as people’ at a birthday unconference and either alienated or angered the entire audience which was pretty awesome. Went to the Whitechapel bell foundry with my friend Arthur.


Whitechapel Bell Foundry


Transmediale was fun if exhausting, i ran a workshop with Tobias Revell and Erica Scourti on the subject of ‘Mobilizing Infrastucure Space’  – the notes from the workshop can be found towards the end of this archived hack pad here. Missed Eve’s birthday.


Tired and Hungover – Photo by @mjays

Zed Books ‘The Coming Insurrection in Publishing: self-management, digital networks and social change’It was a good event and i enjoyed the conversations afterward.


Marrakech festival of magic with Eve, cold and rain, week long project management accelerator – refreshing to attend a thing on project management and gantt charts weren’t mentioned once.


Our Riad – Google ‘Autoawesomed’


Friends Birthdays and Friends Weddings, Spring days and walks along the Thames. Events felt like a struggle to attend but i’m glad i did once i got there, the company of good friends.


Recruiter contacted me about a seeing a man about a dog. Played a SHIT LOAD of Wasteland 2, Drinks in the sun by the river.


More birthdays, A boozy night out in soho with mailing list co-conspirators meeting irl for the first time. Jack Parsons day, and the INFRA_SPECTION residency cycle at the white building coming to an end. Ending with the great ‘INFRA_SPECTION – A [ Mini ] Summit, more phone calls and interviews about that dog, Freud’s house adventure with Eve.


I said ‘Who’s House?!!’


Jupiter return ended, my 30th birthday, Accepted a job offer, drinking with magicians. I remember the sun setting over london from the garden on the roof of the Google / King Studios St Giles building. All change pls.


Selfie Sticks Are Amazing


Unemployment, adventures in Oxford with Eve, stayed in a prison, daily pub garden ‘meetings’ with other interstitially employed friends, folk festival ciders with old friends and Eve.


Folk Folk


Long Progress bar in Brighton . Boozy evenings with musicians & internet folk, Crashing on Voss/Goatleys couch. A long day with DiakronNew job began with a bonus embarrassing interview.


Byzantine mosaics in Venice with Eve and her Fam, more birthdays, Q4 kick off, hard work.


Santa Maria e San Donato, Murano, Venice


More hard work, went full wyrdo, comics signings, weird day at the dentist, more birthdays, noro virus courtesy of Eve, autumn fog on the Thames path.


Surbiton -> Kingston Thames Path


Social calendar apocalypse, office parties, friends from out of town, finished all the hard work, realised i need to learn the basics of accounting, introspection and reflection


This year has also been the year of newsletters, in the spirit of this post you can probably tell i have enjoyed the return to the long form, it’s a more personal form of communication from friends and acquaintances and internet strangers. The list below is stolen from Damien Williams’ (@wolven) Technoccult’s round up that i have added to, to make up my current subscription list:

And a few others I have either forgotten or aren’t for the public web.

You got a newsletter? Let me know 

New Beginnings 2016

  • New year’s resolutions include sorting out: Thought Menu, QQuietly, Family of Giants
  • Finishing both the looooong writing projects i’ve been working on half assedly in 2015
  • Fix my bike (it is STILL very poorly after having bits wrenched/stolen from it in August) and get riding again
  • Finish the Audio project i’ve been working on
  • Play a gig with my the new band
  • Read the massive pile of books i didn’t read in 2016
  • Blog more

So 2016 looks like a year spent finishing up all the things i didn’t do in 2015. That’s ok, it makes it all the more achievable…..