089 :: July Vibes

I met “systems artist, spatial-media designer, and composer” and all round cool guy Cullen Miller this week. We had lunch then wen’t on mad walks around central.

Regent’s Park was looking particularly lovely – tho we had to be careful not to get absolutely baked by the sun. He’s awesome. Real kindred spirit.

Booked a trip to Crete later this year with some friends. Im going to see ALL the history whilst they all layabout by the pool. So looking forward to that quite a bit.

Permanently Moved


This week I discuss methods of increasing your ability to interact with the liminal and the imaginary.

Note: I set some homework.

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Permanently moved is a personal podcast 301 seconds in length, written and recorded in one hour by @thejaymo

Already got some “You are a crazy man” feedback from a brief new unfollower on Twitter which is 100% what I’m there for at this point.

Dipping the Stacks

Water Is For Fighting | Current Affairs

Lessons from a genocide can prepare humanity for climate apocalypse – MIT Technology Review

The Reality Bubble’: Or Pretending Ourselves to Death | The Tyee

A New History of Arabia, Written in Stone | The New Yorker

The Ministry

I should point out because I got asked about it, that The Ministry stands for “Ministry of my own labour”

Been working on my opening statements of the panel on ‘the next internet’ I’m going to be on at SonarD next week. Its not finished yet but I’m i’m going for 1000 year internet vibes and ‘weird’.

I’m already freaking out about going to Barcelona for 5 nights, how busy it’s going to be. BUT I get to stay with Huw so that makes up for it.

Been working on the first PDF/Zine, i’ve been sprucing up the text to ‘Your attention is sovereign’ podcasts from last year.

Got a name and a domain for it. I just need to build the one page website for it when I get back from Spain.


Definitely not the news.


My lil cousin dropped a new single and I’ve been listening to it A LOT.

I’ve also been getting really into Locust Toybox. Glitch Electronica

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088 :: Coded Matter(s): Terra Fiction | Stage II of Worldbuilding

You may remember I spoke at Fiber Festival last year in Amsterdam.

They just released a short 8 minute mini documentary recapping the themes of the festival with interviews with the participants.

It features me talking about Platforms and Solarpunk. I almost sound like I know what I’m talking about.

The idea of terraformation was once the domain of writers and artists. We’re entering a new space race to colonise and terraform the universe. Silicon Valley companies like SpaceX, Google and Planetary Resources are in the front seat. As we edge closer towards inevitable environmental collapse these big tech companies are scrambling to colonise new habitable worlds on distant planets. By shooting a cherry-red Tesla car into space, they shape the future narrative of man in space. But what are we leaving behind on Earth? If today’s technological leaps aren’t improving our natural environments than what legacy will we inherit in worlds abroad?

• Pippa Goldschmidt
• E.J. Swift
• Jay Springett
• Ivan Henriques
• Miha Turšič
• Maja Kuzmanovic & Nik Gaffney (FoAM)
• Films: Margaux Hendriksen, Matthew C. Wilson

P.S Even after all these years I love the way my earrings look 😍

087 :: [Media property name] isn’t your friend

It’s been such a weird week. We got back from Benedict and Mina’s wedding on Tuesday afternoon. So I was wandering around on Wednesday thinking it was actually Monday, then Panicked and dove into the mountain of stuff I put on my list..

Here’s some gratuitous snaps from the Hagia Sophia for your eyeballs.

Virgin and Child
Dome of Heaven

Here’s John Romers 3 hour Byzantium Documentary.

Last night was the launch of The Brazen Vessel 10 years of Collected Works from Alkistis Dimech ☩ Peter Grey of Scarlet Imprint at Treadwells.

I forgot to take any photos at the event but here’s a snap of the paperback. I can’t wait to dig in. Especially their earlier writings.

Permanently Moved


[Media property name] isn’t your friend.

We need anti trust laws for culture. I take a dump on Disney, Marvel and Star Wars. Roll your own culture.

(Yes the podcast cover is my teenage bedroom)

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Permanently moved is a personal podcast 301 seconds in length, written and recorded in one hour by @thejaymo

Dipping the Stacks

History: “The Power of Trees” (1855) – SANDRA RENDGEN

Why are England’s roadsides blooming? – BBC News

The Afrofuturists with designs on African architecture | Financial Times

Heavy rain forces evacuation order for 800,000 in southwestern Japan

The Ministry

I’ve had some really interesting comments and feedback on the first 27 pages (10k words) of the meditation book. A lot to chew on.

Been working hard on the text for the first zine. Should be Ready to go in August at the latest.

Been talking with the folks at UCT (apodcastfornow). we’re doing a collab together.

The most important thing that happened this week tho:


I’ve been reading more Warhammer and A LOT of PDFs on UK public policy documents on land use this week. Nothing really to report.



This track is dark and square wavey as hell. I love the suction they have achieved on the kick drum. It feels like the billowing of a sail.

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086 :: Sunsets In Istanbul

I’m writing this post on my phone from Istanbul. Ok.. I must admit Guttenburg style block interface is very good on this small screen.

Still tho.. doesn’t excuse the awfulness of the UX on desktop.

Right now I am in Istanbul with Eve. Yesterday night was Benedict and Mina’s wedding. It was absolutely beautiful and pretty magical. The venue was right next to The Bosphorus and they kissed and said nice things to each other during golden hour as the sun went down.

Also there’s a lot of familier faces from all over the place. It’s been a blast seeing everyone for a few days here.

Tomorrow is sightseeing day. Can’t wait.

Permanently Moved


The Reverend George Harvest – Rector of Thames Ditton


‘The most forgetful man in England’


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Permanently moved is a personal podcast 301 seconds in length, written and recorded in one hour by @thejaymo

Really happy with this weeks episode. Please share it if you like it too, its a fun topic. I also used to live and work in Thames Ditton for like 6 years and still live just 20mins away. I’m going to attempt to find his gravestone soon.

Dipping the Stacks

The Empty Radicalism of the Climate Apocalypse | Issues in Science and Technology

Floppycasts – 1.44MB Podcasts – ~ajroach42.com

(very cool idea. Producing podcasts to fit into 1.44MB )

Woman falls asleep on flight and wakes up in pitch dark on locked and empty plane | The Independent

You Have One Job – Pray – On Behalf of All and for All – Glory to God for All Things

The Ministry

All the text is sorted for my first PDF. I also ended up editing and tightening up the first 27 pages of my book on meditation as someone wanted to read it.

Looks like my panel at Sonar +D is going to be moderated by Ash Sarker. I haven’t seen her properly IRL in about 2 years as I’m ALWAYS busy on Novara party days. I’m looking forward to it – A Lot


Image result for the mecanicum book

I read Mechanicum in the Warhammer series last week. It’s not “Bolter Porn-ey” as other books in the series but massively pushes the lore forward and drops a few hits for the current setting 10k years later


I’ve been listening to a fuck ton of The Senja Recordings by Biosphere this week.

The line notes for the track below read:

Field recording, military snow shed, December 2016.
A 300 m long concrete snow shed where the wind is blowing through the ventilation pipe towards the opening, sounding like a gigantic flute.

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085 :: 5 Favourite Tracks of 2019 So Far

I am beginning to hate twitter threads with a passion. My pinboard bookmarks are full of them and its a little confusing despite diligent tagging. Why can’t folks just have a blog? I always think to myself, scrolling though an epic 50 post thread on a super interesting topic.

The question is rhetorical however as the answer is that the logics of Twitter demand that attention be kept inside the high walls of the network – but still. There are so many places on the internet to hangout.

I keep wondering if RSS readers are too much effort in 2019? or is that there are no decent free options? Rolling your own culture/internet is what it has always been here for …

Anyways I posted this list to Tumblr the other night. I had forgotten how rich Tumblr looks compared to Twitter. Despite being a heavy tumblr being an admin on solarpunks.net.

WordPress is obviously still the least worst option. But I like that I can just embed the whole post below. Perhaps I’m warming to Gutenberg … Perhaps.

084 :: Notebook share – Being a ‘List Guy’

I have always been a ‘notebook guy’ – since I was about 16 . I carry one and a parker jotter pen literally everywhere. Perhaps it started as an emo diaries thing or just an affectation that I thought would look ‘cool’. But the thing, there is a natural law which going something like ‘If you carry a note book and a pen you will end up using it’.

I’ve had a lot of types of notebooks over the years and switched over to Moleskines variants in 2013. Since then they have all developed a fairly consistent aesthetic too.

I have way more in a box but some of them are A4 and don’t fit on this shelf

So this week for the first time (perhaps) this year I wrote a list of 21 things to do this week and when I hit post on this blogpost I will have done 18 of them.

Thats not a bad score for the first week back in to giving a shit mode.

I’ve archived over 10k emails in gmail this week, everything is tagged and filed. SO SO GOOD!

I’ve always run my life from lists. My general policy when I’m in a workplace is ‘if you didn’t see me write it down then it is not going to happen’. This has been an extremely useful rule at several startups i’ve worked in. To the point where close colleagues will say ‘write that down’ to me.

Sometimes, people who are younger than me (an occurrence that is increasingly more and more common to me much to my creeping horror – I was always the youngest person in the room since going right the way back to helping run the Geekscene DIY collective in margate at 15ish) laugh at me about that rule. But they quickly understand that I’m not joking – I’m a week late on something, they chase me and I say “Argh I didn’t write it down”.

Indeed Alex from Common Knowledge chased me up this week for a testimonial and I realised I hadn’t written it down as he asked me in the Dark Forest whilst I was away in the Netherlands last week.

I started writing lists properly very soon after getting my first proper job out of uni. Before then I’d only worked in retail and many of the tasks daily/weekly were routine and could be held in your head, scribbled in the shop diary the day before by another supervisor. I found very quickly in the office environment that I just couldn’t keep all the things i needed to do in my head, and getting in trouble for not doing something sucked.

Eventually when I was a team leader in the shared service centre I worked in. My todo list would be written out every morning, and I’d carry over about 1 column of a 2 column A4 page every day. By the end of the day I’d have filled the whole page and marked off a lot. A running list of 100 things to do however is an endless task and not very psychologically healthy.

I should also note: There is absolutely no point in staying late or working yourself to the bone in a start up environment – Especially if you are in the senior layer but you actually have very little influence over anything super important. Don’t get manipulated to finish one more thing before you leave – The endless list of things to do will still be endless the following morning.

I sometimes wonder what sort of person I would have been if I’d found the secret of lists before I was an ‘proper’ adult. At school or university even. My life could have been very different.

I reckon if I was growing up now, I’d be extremely into bullet journaling (my notebook kinda looks like one anyway see below)

Notes from the zoöp workshop last week

I can see how/way I got in to project management and implementation consulting and eventually operations management. It’s a natural progression from being a ‘list guy’. Offloading your tasks one layer of abstraction higher into a project plan is obvious in a techno social institution like a company. AND as a result of being ‘The keeper of the list” you get to tell other people when and what they need to do as well.

But this week I’ve surprised myself by how easy it is to return to the feeling of having wrestled back some control just by having a list of things to do.

I have been running the last 18months with a daily chore list – meditate, write diary, write LAP or some fiction, Make my podcast on a Friday etc but doing that means you feel satisfied having done the bare minimum. As i understand it daily habit building is supposed to build on everything else you do daily so you can do more – not the bare minimum.

The running list in physical pen and paper zeros/zooms in on immediate priorities.

I did a GTD course years ago as a project manager and it changed my life. I am not naturally an organised person at all but GTD combined with project management training were vital skills that I took on board and it changed my day to day. However I very rarely apply them outside of the work environment to my own life. With the exception of all my bills and utility filing system.

Seeing as I’ve been freelance for 18months now perhaps i should … Anyway this is a long way about saying that i feel good about the last week and want to carry the momentum into next week – buy writing another magic list.

Heres a doodle of Tim Ingold I found. I think it looks just like him
Image result for tim ingold
See. The hair is perfect

Permanently Moved


Catching up the last two weeks. I cover some of what I said at Bordersessions festival in The Hague.


You can subscribe to Permanently Moved in itunes: permanentlymoved.online/itunes or search in all your favourite podcatchers.

Permanently moved is a personal podcast 301 seconds in length, written and recorded in one hour by @thejaymo

Dipping the Stacks

Does Neven’s Law Describe Quantum Computing’s Rise? | Quanta Magazine

The Era of Quantum Computing Is Here. Outlook: Cloudy | Quanta Magazine

Donna Haraway and Anna Tsing Reflect on the Plantationocene

Attorney General ‘awkwardly uncomfortable’ about plans to legalise Obeah | News | Jamaica Gleaner

The Ministry

Yeah fuck loads of stuff got done this week. The first of the samizdat PDFs coming soon. By encouragement from m1k3y


I re-red dark night of the soul by John of the Cross this week. Its full amazing lines.

Silence is God’s first language.

Is one of the truest lines i’ve ever read and makes me belive that my meditation practice is actually getting somewhere. As i know this to be true.


Louis Center returned to twitter this week. But in the Dark Forest he sent me a link to this track. Its amazing if you are in need of a dose of Super Sweet Glitchy Chiptune in your life right now.

I’ve been listening to it non stop this week. Even going as far as making it my alarm clock music. (RIP rollin’ by limp bizkit)

I also bought a USB to 3/4 inch jack cable this week. For the first time ever I can plug a guitar into my laptop with no external device. I’m not really sure about the build quality of the cable but for 11 quid on amazon its already been worth the money. I might do a proper review of it at some point.

My SG <3

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083 :: Back from Bordersessions

I had barely recovered from last weeks unexplained lurgy and then headed off to the Netherlands once again to The Hague to give a talk – this time at bordersessions. Here’s my Trip Report:

First observation, despite public transporting being incredible over there. The Hague is just that bit further away from everything. Previously it has seemed trivial to just hop cities whilst i’ve been staying. But hoping from The Hague to Rotterdam or up to Amsterdam for dinner etc is a bit more of a mission. I should also note that its more a little more of a mission to get to the airport if you miss the fast train. (Not that I wan’t to relive the trauma of my return journey which included nearly missing my flight on the pages of this blog)

Anyways. I’d never been to The Hague before. I learnt that like 60% of the people who live and work there work for the government. Like a souped up company town I suppose. It does have a lot of church bells, and thats lovely.

The first night of the festival was speakers drinks and the headlining interview with Paul Mason. He was talking about his newest book Clear Bright Future.


During the day the next day I attended the workshop ‘How to measure the ecological development of a zoöp?’ at Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam. the emerging project continuing from the Terrafiction workshops I took part in last year.

In the zoöp concept: an important role is played by the zoönomic instrument that helps indicate the
ecological development of the collective body of nonhumans within the zoöp.

I didn’t take any pictures during the workshop but I did tweet this:

You get the idea

It was good to see other folks there. Sjef, Klass, Theun, Ian etc. Also the folks who have commitments to start a zoöp. Let me tell you, wild speculative ecological conversations in Holland are a decade ahead of where they are in the UK.

I’ve spoken to Sjef and Theun about it a few times now. I suppose its partly around the Netherlands being a totally human managed environment. Landscape engineering is Just what you do with a decade. I dearly hope that when the opportunity arrises, I can some how be the conduit to segue all this important work and thinking into the UK.

Anyway, that evening I spoke on Solarpunk And The Great Unfolding: Building Keystones Of Continuity at the main festival night. The talk was quite well attended and I had some really interesting conversations afterwards at the bar.

Quote from Solarpunk Anarchists Dot Com

I also saw some other fantastic talks, one about the burgeoning Kite energy sector, and another panel on the Zoop, which was all on more than human personhood. Many assumptions at the beginning of the panel, the audience nodded along with zero pushback – wouldn’t of happened in the UK for sure.

Friday, I had the day to myself. I was thinking about attending some of the other workshops as part of the festival but my social battery was below absolute zero so I took myself off to see James Turrell’s celestial vault and ‘The Sand Engine’. Took a fun long assed bus ride though the outskirts of The Hague to the coast.

In the Nerthelands, all the roadsides are planted with wild flowers.

I got to the coast and set about hiking to the vault. You crest a big hill and are greeted with the crater

First Sight of the Vault

You then enter via a tunnel wall and see the alter:

I spent about an hour in the vault. Laying on the alter looking up at the sky. Seeing the first sunshine that had been in the sky since arriving 2 days before hand, the sideways rain had stopped whilst I was on the bus there. It was an amazing experience to have such a long private time with the art work.

I went to see Hollands ‘Sand Engine’ that was further down the coast.

The sand engine (also called Sand Motor) is an experiment in the management of dynamic coastline. The first one was run off South Holland in the Netherlands. A sandcastle-shaped peninsula was created by humans; the surface is about 1 km². It is expected that this sand is then moved over the years by the action of waves, wind and currents along the coast. To protect the West of the Netherlands against the sea,


At this point. I was 90mins from the bus stop and about 2.5 hours from my hotel. I was also burning a little bit. Ill prepared for 23 degree heat with a rain coat stuffed into my travel pack.

In the evening i went for dinner with Theun Karelse and Ian Ingram in Amsterdam and I enjoyed their company a lot.

The bar had total solarpunk vibes

Permanently Moved

No podcast (see above)

Dipping the Stacks

900-year-old grape pips reveal unbroken history of French wine variety | Science | The Guardian

“The Medea Hypothesis:” a downhill trajectory for life on Earth | The Seattle Times

The Controversy of NASA’s EmDrive”

his is a $15 trillion opportunity for farmers to fight climate change

The Ministry

The hour that I spent ‘charging up’ on the Alter was very impactful to me. I let my mind wander in a way that I only really do when doing Journeying practice outside of meditaiton.

Laying on the alter in the sun looking up at the sky i felt gears shift and engage, like a complicated pocket watch ticking back to life. I spent a lot of time thinking about what I am doing with my life, and experiencing a humbling.

Indeed, having a lot of free time to myself in a foreign country outside of festival commitments gave me a lot of opportunity to just consider.

Routes though and ways forward. Self reflection, hubris and resolve.


Still smashing though Warhammer books i’m afraid. Im sure you are not interested but I read 2 books last week. Vengeful Spirit + The Silent War.


I was listening to a lot of Sun 0)))s life metal album. Thats about it.

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