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You can also find me at thejaymo.net and theruderal.com

This is a slightly altered boiler plate bio I send to conferences etc.


Jay Springett is a Writer, Theorist and Strategist for high growth environments. He is concerned with: culture, humans, technology, infrastructure, and the unseen intersection points of how these topics keep us alive in our environment. He is passionate about DIY culture.

Jay is the founder of The Ruderal.com, and is a founding member of the decentralised blockchain group Guild.is. He is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA), and is affiliated to the Institute for Atemporal Studies.

He concept curates the theory object #stacktivism ‘A term that attempts to give form to a critical conversation & line of enquiry around infrastructure & the relationship we have to it’. He is also the co-designer of SCIM (Simple Critical Infrastrcuture Maps) and was a contributor to the Hexayurt Project, an open hardware disaster relief shelter. He co-founded The Thought Menu, a nomadic talks series, and is an editor at Solarpunks.net and podcast host.

Jay writes online under the handle @thejaymo, and can be contacted in a professional capacity at The Ruderal – this is his personal blog.

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