050 :: Waypoint

It was my birthday this week gone. I turned 33. Happy to be alive.

The space weather is bad at this time for everyone – but especially for me. So I have been hunkering down, reflecting on the year so far. Thinking about short medium and longterm goals. Its nice having a birthday in the middle of the year-ish as it allows you a natural time in the year to review your new years goal list and tack towards the things that are achievable given the amount of year left.

A cypberpunk short story I wrote about teenagers growing DMT yoghurt and starting a cult in their high school got rejected. Two editors from the same anthology reviewed it and gave me vastly different feedback.

The good Paul Graham Raven gave me some supportive words over chat saying ‘If all else fails, try another editor; rejections are the author’s rite-of-passage scars.’ and it made me feel better. Adam @interdome once told me that you only get to call yourself a writer if you have been rejected as most people who want to write don’t even get that far.


Beers and Blockchain talk by the river. Melting in 36 degree heat.

Eve’s sister was on homes under the hammer in her professional capacity. Here she is very professionally doing the property manager *look at the ceiling routine* I did more than one little laugh at her face it must be said.


Permanently Moved

Episode 16

Post birthday reflections delivered whilst melting in my flat. I talk a bit about medium term goals and how I navigate my life towards them. I also talk about one of these past goals was back in 2012 running thoughtmenu.com/

I also talk about the event I’m speaking at on the 27th Sept in Amsterdam. Tickets available here: http://www.codedmatters.nl/event/terrafiction

I wanted to talk about magic in this post so bad but i’m still scared about speaking my mind/truth in public.

Dipping the stacks

Russia: Life After Trust

“Literally” a Communist?: Communism’s Ontology of Difference (Part 0) – Xenogothic

(Justin Murphy interviewed Xenogothic in a fascinating conversation on his youtube channel recently)

The Ministry

In the the process of applying for a job working for a major blockchain consortium (A surprise to me). Its a job role across a lot of responsibilities and from what i can gather if you get the job we’ll find a place for you and tighten the description up once you settle in to the role.

Maybe I’ll get to interview I dunno. I have about 80% of the skills and experience required.

Terra0’s Flowertokens trial went live. Really proud of all the work that team have done, its been a pleasure so far this year.

I like to think (and
the sooner the better!)
of a cybernetic meadow

I’m speaking at a citizen sci-fi event next week wednesday, I’ll be proposing full permaculture’d finsbury park of 2035, and also proposing working with local communities, schools and restaurants to develop new street food as part of the imaginary/exhibition.

Tickets for the ‘Terra Fiction – art and sci-fi in the new age of space colonisation’ event I am speaking at in Amsterdam in September went up heres my topic/thing from the press rlease Solarpunk researcher and technology theorist Jay Springett lays out the strategic narrative of land-as-platform which grafts the organisational logic of the digital ecologies back onto living soil – more soon


I just finished reading Exit, Voice, and Loyalty by Hirschman this week – fascinating.

Image result for Exit, Voice, and Loyalty

Taking a crack at NRX a basilisk now, but quite frankly the book is so full of snark it is almost unreadable. I’d rather just go read/listen to what the primary sources say.

Image result for neoreaction a basilisk

Still re-reading Scott Westerfield. I’m on to the last book in the series. I realise in the years between reading it when it came out and now I had forgotten a whole books plot

Image result for specials scott westerfeld


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049 :: Cult thinking

1. A cult is a group of people using a replicable process have a similar/shared praeternatural experience.
2. The group is not a sanctioned ‘religion’ or group identity under law.

More to come on this. Long form.

Its my birthday on Wednesday so today i’m having a bbq at a friends house. got to get ready so this weeks blog is pretty short.

Permanently Moved

Episode 15 Suffering Wangdoodles!

This episode is about the radio adventure show that first aired in 1937. This was definitely the most ambitions episode i’ve tried to make since I’ve started and I can’t believe that I managed to get it done in an hour. I wish I had time to talk about all the crazy gadgets in it! Speed Gibson is one of my favourite all time radio adventure stories – I hope it’s now yours too!

Dipping the stacks

Three hour interview with nick land

Same interviewer talking to a gender accelerationist and Lesbian Neoractionary  – think alt right response to xenofeminism.

The Ministry

I had an amazing call this week with a firm who does whole systems investment. Fascinating.


I started re-reading some YA fiction. I’m re-reading Scott Westerfield’s Uglies super fast to get a feel for the prose.


K-pop Collabo group H Triple H have a new EP coming out the title is Retro Future. This lead single has a weird 80’s instagram aesthetic.


048 :: Observation

As a general rule of biology, migratory species are less ‘aggressive’ than sedentary ones. – Chatwin

This week I’ve been enjoying the observation phase of gardening. I’m growing a couple of the same things in different places in the garden in pots and seeing how they go this year. I know already a few things about what I’ll change/do differently for next year.

Observation is one of the most important elements in permaculture. But really watching how things, other people and you yourself change day by day, month by month and year by year is really important in normal life in general. Having this much time off  having ‘a real job’ has allowed me time and space to reflect on my life and how I am approaching the world. All this thinking feels like its beginning to reach the spillway of a dam, not sure when or wear it will bust but the resulting waters will chart the course for the next few years of my life thats for sure.

One of the other things I need to do is stop laying/working on the sofa. It’s fucking my back up.

Went on the march yesterday, was really fun to be with friends. Got drunk. Had a great day.

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Episode 14

No overall theme this week. Just a quick update and shilling a few things I’ve been up-to. I talk about saying good by to my friend who’s moving to the USA, how the podcast is going, I bought scrivener recently, recommend the book Songlines by Bruce Chatwin and also do the ‘Don’t forget to like and subscribe’ thing for the first time.

Dipping the stacks

Clemency for Ross Ulbricht, Serving Double Life for a Website

The Ministry

As I said in the show this week, I’m really enjoying this weekly podcast. It’s a lot of fun.

So it looks like I might be speaking twice in Amsterdam in September – details soon.

I bought scrivener finally with the 50% discount code you get for winning NaNoWriMo. Its kind of confusing at first when you first boot into it, but I’m getting the hang of the way I want to use it.

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 18.51.21


Closing in on the last 50 pages of retrosuburbia. It’s a tome.

I spent most of this week catching up on podcasts. Listened to a lot of Howsound, Rogan, THC, and AeonByte


I’ve been listening to a lot of Bossa Nova recently. Track below is a banger. The Guy has released like 30 albums or something. There is a lot to catch up on.



047 :: Playing well with others?

This week I remembered about how awkward and weird I get around Nerds. It’s PokemonGo’s birthday and it definitely is the season for it… I was out with my friend who whilst has gone back to work is still recovering from his ‘incident’. We were walking down the Thames and there were a group of about 12-15 other white men all waiting to start a PoGo raid. My mate went straight up to talk to them and i stood around awkwardly to the side. Trying not to be associated with them. They said they could do a raid with us in about 10mins and went back to what they were doing, fuck that, I walked off and my mate had to run to catch up.

Him: “what the hell was that?”

Me: “I cant stand fucking nerds”

Him: “Thats a bit rich… you have been going on about Warhammer 40 lore”

Me: “Yes but I don’t hang out around fucking nerds”

Him: “Self loathing nerd”

And do you know what? I am. Always have been, it’s one of the reasons I never went full nerd (even tho my friends would dissagree). Despite having a room full of Warhammer and Starwars toys and comics as a teenager. Outside the house I signaled ‘Hardcore Punk’ to the world.

I know it’s probably something I need to work on personally. I’m generally totally accepting of other people but nerds, nerds that signal it in Fashion choices etc? It just seems so totally unnecessary, dressing like the scene you are/were in is something you grow out of when you become an adult… Its always why I get angry around a lot of occultists I think too. The only group of people i feel really comfortable hanging around with anywhere are people that do circus skills. I think it has something to do with the visible recognition of how many hours work went in to the skill.

If i don’t need to be in a situation I dislike I will take the option to not be. So anyway theres a moment of self reflection for you, I feel bad. Its something I need to work on.

Permanently Moved

I was wondering what to make a podcast about so I pulled down one of my favourite books ‘The Bad Popes’ by Russell Chamberlin and opened it to a random page.

That page was my favourite story from that book and also took place exactly 724 years ago to the day. So there you go episode 13 – all a bit Paul Western to be honest with you.

You can subscribe to Permanently Moved in itunes permanentlymoved.online/itunes or search in all your favourite podcatchers

Dipping the stacks


The Ministry

Crypto drinks on Saturday was excellent. We talked about saas platforms for cults. P2P web3 technologies and also secret project (OPF) and a lot more.

Later this week was crypto workshop back at the goethe institut as part of the Daowo program. Ola from Methodkit was running the workshop and I haven’t seen him in a few years, so it was good to catch up. During the workshop I may have gone a bit off the deep end. Drinks afterwards ended up going full secret space program conspiracy theory chat with BX and JKB. Anyway Here’s some photos:

img_-nlfgmrimag4217.jpgScreen Shot 2018-07-07 at 13.05.06


Today I’ve been re-reading a book about Saint Maria Goretti as it is her saints day today. 250,000 people were at her canonisation.


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