046 :: New Dark Age (?)

In the absence of willpower the most complete collection of virtues and talents is wholly worthless.  – Uncle Al

Had an enjoyable week.

I went in a fucking helicopter with Eve and my Dad. We flew from Thanet to Dover along the coast. Eve flew it and hahaha they gave her a pilots log book so she can work towards he licence.


Went to a lake and had a picnic with Eve, Jenny and Mr Chit.


I ate so many Radishes and our home made beetroot hummus

Went to see Vickers in conversation with James Bridle at the goethe institut london. Got him to sign my (read) copy of the book because I’m a sucker for friends publishing things and putting their names on/in them. I’m also hugely grateful for being listed in the acknowledgements – thanks James!


Mr Vickers and James

Went for a walk yesterday after finishing up the last episode of the expanse with Mr Chit and then went to an old colleagues leaving doo. Saw so many old colleagues – I don’t know what it is about office workers and leaving doos but I boarded the Jaeger train with much reticence.

Crypto drinks tonight at secert location in London. Got keep fairly straight as we’re going hiking in the surrey hills tomorrow and 30 degree hangover hike doesn’t really sound like fun.

Permanently Moved

My first attempt at a book review of sorts. A review of James Bridle’s new book New Dark Age: Technology and the End of the Future and the event I attended at Londons Goethe Institut last night – James was in conversation with Mr Ben Vickers.

I also quote from Jaya Klara Brekke’s newest publication: I Saw the Blockchain at the End of the World, Turned Around, and Walked Back.

An embrace of indeterminacy seems to be in the air.

Dipping the stacks

The Paul Kingsnorth stuff earlier this week was interesting to watch unfold.

The Ministry

I’ve done a bunch of writing this week. Spoke to a wonder woman from the US about solarpunk which I’m excited to see what hapeneds next.

I spent all day one day this week looking in to the various Etherum non fungible token stacking protocol proposals. Exciting things could be built in the next 18 months or so.


I read James’ book in less than two days. See my podcast for a review.

Image result for utopia for realists


Im also about 2/3 of the way though Utopia for Realists: And How We Can Get There. 

Spoiler: Its not a very good book.






I’ve got really into The Lower Lights this week. There version of “Working on a building” is groovy and dark. Love It

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045 :: In a time like this…

Mysteries are not called Mysteries without good reason: they are woven layers of wisdom, experience, inspiration and transformation – Josephine McCarthy


Well well well, I’ve have quite a fun week. Been out drinking a few evenings in the glorious sunshine. One of these evenings was spent with a friend of mine who recently tried to reach the end – but they are ok and he came out for the first time in a month or so and had a few pints of lemonade. He’s put on over half a stone in 30days. I’m glad He’s feeling better.

Caught up on season three of The Expanse this week with my friend ben on his big assed TV. A much better experience than watching it on my smol 13″ screen.

I’ve also been doing a bit of a tidy of the house here and there. Washed all my jumpers and stuff and put them in to storage for the autumn.

Going in a helicopter on Monday tho so looking forward to that!

Permanently Moved

Episode 11. Given all thats been in the news this week, I took some time to focus on strategies to live though the Kali Yuga.

It’s more of an audio collage than an essay and i already know what I’d do differently if i was going to make it again. but i think it might be my favourite episode I’ve made – after the one about my great grandad for different reasons.

Dipping the stacks


The Ministry

I’ve bene doing a lot of behind the scenes strategy and stuff about all the content I’m sitting on that I’ve churned out in the last few months. I’m almost ready to start posting my new solarpunk podcast. I just need to pay the graphic designer.

It was quite fun to do, I did it for my whole life – not just the content I had in mind. I used some of the tools from Holistic Management framework but also the book about content strategy I bought on recommendation of Sjef. I ended up with a crazy spider digram on a A3 piece of paper that i then paired down to a large degree.


I’ve been reading articles online this week, still chuning though the books on my currently reading shelf.

This piece on Gene Drives in the Pacific Standard is well worth your time.


Red Velvet have the released their first track of their Japanese Language EP ‘Cookie Jar’

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Real landscape magic nazis look like this:

Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 10.09.00.png

044 :: It’s good to talk

“Half of the skill in magick consists of identifying probabilities worth enhancing.”
― Peter J. Carroll, Psybermagick: Advanced Ideas in Chaos Magick


So my friends British Doom Folk Band have a new album out. I think I may already mentioned it.

Its been getting really good reviews and it seems to be selling well on CD. But what is selling extremely well is the Green Rock River Brew! Its already been nominated for an award!


Extremely Hangover Friendly

They now have a beer from Langham Brewery that whenever they play a show is now on tap at the pub, I think that is extremely 2018 folk band merchandise.

Listen to, and maybe buy the album if you haven’t already its really good.

Permanently Moved

This week I bring back Tech Support to talk about some browser extensions I’ve been trying for dealing with my social media problems.

I highly recommend installing the apps I mention in the show if you are sick of social media the way its currently designed.

Dipping the stacks

I blocked the terms. Football and WorldCup and World Cup

The Ministry

I’ve had even more calls this week than last week. It kinda feels like I’ve been chained to my desk but thats ok TBH. Instead of complaining about needing to get more productive, post holiday I’ve just decided to get on with it. I am the sort of person who reacts really well to routine and chains. My longest unbroken chain is 1000+ days of daily meditation – so i’ve been trying to add daily tasks of writing 350 words minimum, working on one non fiction article a week. (im about to take the ribbon farm longform writing course )

Expect more.


Nothing. The time i set aside for reading has been taken up by completing Doom 2016 on the Switch, and now I’m sucked into fallout shelter that came out for the switch during E3. I’m so into it.


new #ye produced album obviously

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043 :: In the summer mix

Basic human needs are an infrastructure problem – – HappyHorseSkull


This week has been a huge mix of stuff really.

Settling back in after being away / in and out of the country all last month. But its nice as im falling back in to a routine. Im just about to pull the trigger on buying Scrivener on the recommendation of Alex.  Mainly for editing reasons than writtng.

So I spent all day on Tuesday with a controversial voice/twitter/youtube personality which resulted in extremely ‘good’ conversation – maybe stimulating is a better word over good tbh. It forced me to take another look at all my views and decide whats script and whats my own position on things, which can only be a good thing amongst the madness of the current contemporary situation. I also note that Apostates and pariahs are free.

Spent quite a lot of time out in my garden. Tidying up and sorting things out. If we stay here through 2019 there is a bunch more urban permaculture stuff I want to get into place.


Our Roses and next doors Jasmine is KICKING

I’ve also been drunk quite a bit :) Its summer and its been nice to have that ‘one more beer’ out in the sun as its been setting over the Thames. I’ve started going to a pub that used to be kinda too expensive about 10 years ago when i used to work just down the road from it. But it seems all the hipster craft beer places I drink at – their prices have crept up to meet it. So I’d rather see the sunset than look at a microbrewery’s pipes and extractor fans.

Also, I think I hate iMovie more now than I did before when I used to use it a lot in like 2012ish. BUT an old colleague who was the marketing manager at a company I worked at has started a daily vlog and its really good. Its funny, he is way more interesting day-to-day on film than IRL

I’m going to regent’s park later today as one of my oldest friends (who is a priest) is moving to America to take over the position of high school chaplain in Texas. I’m thinking of popping to the fancy dress shop before hand to buy him a big hat to wear in the park.

Permanently Moved

Made a show about the 100th anniversary of my great grandads death. The whole family went out to Lijssenthoek military cemetery and paid our respects. There are photos up on the show website here.

Dipping the stacks

Twitter is now a marketing tool again for me. Pls stand by for even further disengagement.

The Ministry

Had so many calls this week. Some of the work I’ve been helping a few people with has finished and it seems like they liked my coaching style and where they ended up so hopefully I should get some more work out of that. A VC is kind of interested in speaking to me too.

I also had a call with a super cool data scientist and AI specialist, we talked a lot about deep sensing, ecological restoration.

The audio from my talk in Rotterdam finally went online, so I cut my slides to the audio. Its on cyberpunk, solarpunk and land as platform. I think it’s one of the best talks I’ve given.


I’m still reading The Songlines by Bruce Chatwin.I think Ill finish it on the train into central later today.


I’ve been listening to a lot of Jaden Smith this week. The Nicky Jam Remix of Icon is really good.

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042 :: Back

“I shall return with the tide.”
― Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet


Yup. I went away for a week.


5* Hotel in Croatia. We were half board so 5 round breakfasts and 5 round dinners occurred. Plus, even hotel prices the cocktails were cheaper than London so we didnt think there was anything wrong at drinking a mojito at 10am. Plus it was hot.. very hot.

I didn’t make a podcast that week or this week. Even tho I said I was going to try, and I did try, but a bad workman blames his tools and I am a bad workman.

I got back on Tuesday and then went to Kent and then Belgium the next morning.

It was the 100th aniversaray of my great grandads death. The whole family went out to Lijssenthoek military cemetery and paid our respects. The podcast this week will probably be on the trip.


Permanently Moved

Permanently Late, amirite?

Dipping the stacks

I have so many keywords blocked at this point that i think i’m missing whole swathes of news. My rss reader is far more interesting.

The Ministry



I re-read two solarpunk anthologies whilst i was away. I also finished re-reading The Red Goddess. Im currently reading The Songlines by Bruce Chatwin


loving it so far.


new #ye obviosuly

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