101 :: It Was Simple Enough

Yeah Boi! 101 posts!

I thought it might be fun to go back to post 000 from back in the heady days of my late 20’s and review:

its july 2012 and i turn 27 this month. i thought maybe its about time i started a blog..

000: seems simple enough

Good for you. Why don’t you use capital letters tho?

well i say started… i registered this wordpress account around 2010. its a stupid url name, but i thought it sounded pretty emo, and i liked it. (and if you don’t think that’s not a good enough reason to name anything anything, you can go fuck yourselves)

000: seems simple enough

Yeah it’s still a cool name. But it’s pretty difficult to find or tell anyone about. Good job 9 years later you’ll be moving it over to the www.thejaymo.net

as i mentioned ages ago in this post over on tumblr. i HATE writing. it’s probably my dyslexia, but i can’t ever to be bothered to pluck up the inclination to sit down and actually write something. or maybe its my chronic procrastination. right now as i type this i have 30k of words sitting unfinished and unpublished in my google docs. i’m going to try and finish them.

000: seems simple enough

Well .. the good news is 7 years and 100 posts later is you no longer hate writing. It only took you winning Nanowrimo 4 times and a daily 300 word diary for 5 years. But you get there in the end. The downside is now at 35, you probably have half a million words of unfinished / unpublished bullshit on your hard drive not 30k which you should probably do something about…

one of the main reasons i want to start a blog is i have been contributing to the edgeryders platform and (god forbid) i *might* have actually enjoyed sitting down, writing something, and hitting publish.

000: seems simple enough

Getting involved with Edgeryders and going to the Council of Europe changed your life forever. Thanks historical jaymo.

i kinda took a break from a lot of things last year up until relatively recently. that break included spending some time away from the internet. i started a few projects and had some cool ideas – for example i was toying with the idea of doing ‘some kind’ of podcast/audio essays in place of actually writing a blog. but it turned out to be WAY more effort than simply sitting down and writing a god damned post. i have three audio experiments sitting on my computer right now – but i wasn’t happy with them at the time. maybe i’ll edit/recut them and post them at some point.

000: seems simple enough

Short form audio essay podcasts you say? 🤔
Imagine where you might be now if you’d just fucking done it then – Idiot.

Oh, and wrestling with your relationship to the internet? Please

ive decided to also post a public list of ‘things todo’ or ‘things i want to do’ list as a separate page. some of the shit on the list will be personal things – like updating my flickr account for example.

000: seems simple enough

You mean kinda like posting a podcast this week called ‘To Do List?’

BUT for the next year:
one post a week. 52 weeks, 52 posts, doesn’t seem too hard…

000: seems simple enough

It was hard and you failed, but it’s because you hadn’t yet discovered discipline. You’ll continue to thrash around madly indefinitely.

It’s funny that not much has changed at all. The seeds of doing permanently moved were there back then in 2012. Only it was going to be 3m1sec. I wonder if I still have those original files….

For those wondering, holiday was great!

I drank A LOT of this blue juice and somedays in 29 degree heat things got a little … intense

Permanently Moved

To Do List

Back From Holiday so settling back in.

Prepare for my talk and a panel at Unsound Festival
Finish Land As Platform
Make an audio comic?
Finish some music
Thank you to everyone who has downloaded and shared my zine!

Guild: http://guild.is
Unsound Poland: https://www.unsound.pl/solidarity/events
Primer: http://primer.dk
Unseen Audio Comic: https://www.unseencomic.com

Permanently moved is a personal podcast 301 seconds in length, written and recorded in one hour by @thejaymo

Website: https://www.thejaymo.net/
Podcast: http://permanentlymoved.online
Zine: http://startselectreset.com

Dipping the Stacks

alice maz – minecraft

The Participatory Cultures of Omenana: Reading and Writing on a Nigerian SF Website « Post45

Thoughts on the planetary: An interview with Achille Mbembe : New Frame

Skin-crawling discovery: ‘body farm’ scientists find corpses move

The Ministry

Finally got paid for some work I did earlier in the year.

Your attention is sovereign has been downloaded over 1k times since last Friday. Thank you to everyone thats read and shared it. Really appreciate it

I finally shelled out for Hemingway App. I find it really useful when I’m making the podcast. So I spent most of the last 2 days since I got back pondering the text in my meditation book.


I read four books whilst I was on holiday

The Calvino Book was inspiring.
Luke Turners book on sexuality a his familiar relationship with Epping forest was fantastic and emotional.
The Space Marine Book I Listened to on audio book and was basically 10hours of war and explosions. Pure Bolter Porn – Loved it.

My friend farmer Jess told me to read the Carrington book. I now feel much chided that I had absolutely no idea who this amazing woman was until a few weeks ago. The Hearing Trumpet is a Magical Gem of a book. Having the protagonist be a 93 year old woman with ‘opinions’ makes the voice of the novel even more amazing. EVERYONE should read it immediately. Im going to be ordering her complete works very soon.


Black Midi didn’t win the Mercury – I think they should have. But then again I really do like a bit of self indulgent curl up and die skinny punk boy energy.

Remember kids:


100 :: Zine & Holiday

So putting out a zine. .

Start Select Reset Zine #001 (PDF)

You can find issue one at: 


This first zine is a collection of transcripts on the attention economy, social media, and device use that have emerged as a recurring thread thought making permanently moved in the last 18 monts.

Future Issues will include original/new texts alongside the show transcriptions on or related to similar topics. I’d also like to collaborate with folks too – please get in touch! I’m aiming for one every two months or so, maybe more frequently. Who knows

I’m actually on holiday right now. Writing this blog post on my pixel 3. However. Guttenberg is kinda cool on mobile. Wouldn’t want to do this all the time. But I have this week notes blog as a template now so its alright. Here’s a picture of me right now.

Permanently Moved

Start Select Reset Zine

I would like to use this opportunity to ‘Direct Your Attention’ to three separate things this week:
1. I’M STARTING A ZINE! You can download it here:
http://startselectreset.com or http://www.thejaymo.net/zine/
2. Trust Support’s ‘European Stack’ Residency [Berlin]
3. The Terraforming Post Grad @ Strelka [Moscow]

SSR Zine: http://startselectreset.com 
M1k3y’s Zines: https://m1k3y.com/pdfs/
Trust.Support: https://trust.support/posts/europeanstack/
The Terraforming: https://theterraforming.strelka.com

Permanently moved is a personal podcast 301 seconds in length, written and recorded in one hour by @thejaymo

Dipping the Stacks

The Brazen Vessel – A Book Review | John Beckett

Depression, anxiety rising among U.S. college students | Article [AMP] | Reuters
Neptune in Pisces innit

Does Free Will Exist? Neuroscience Can’t Disprove It Yet. – The Atlantic

How the UK Security Services neutralised the country’s leading liberal newspaper – Daily Maverick

The Ministry

I’ve been working on LAP this week and also just took a look at this 20k word ebook I wrote in 2015 but never did anything with. Might clean it up. Do a hard edit and try and put it out before the end of sept.



I’ve been listening to some old synth wave tracks I made ages ago. Over and over on the beach.

Remember kids:

099 :: Social Media Planning

I’ve been doing a lot of life admin this week. Crossing T’s, dotting I’s, sorting out tax rebates and chasing invoices etc.

It might sound vein or narcissistic but the main thing I’ve done this week is that I’ve put a lot of thought into my social media strategy. But then again its 2019 and I grew up on the web as a teen. The web is also how I got the name Jay in the first place. Was because my real name was already taken on a local PHPBBS forum. (I got the name Jaymo because I played a lot of Pokemon when I was in my old punk band. and I was slow. Like slowmo)

Anyway, I drew a big diagram with all my various spots around the web. Highlighted services I’m paying for etc and decided it was all ridiculous.

I’ve always always resisted centralising my content around thejaymo.net But as time has gone like 15 years or something I think that might have been a bit of a poor decision on my part.

Anyways. The crazy spider diagram I ended up with will be a lot less crazy if I centralise.

I may end up Migrating this current free wordpress blog to http://www.thejaymo.net and paying for a redirect for one year or something. It’s only $13. The question is, what do I do about all the folks reading this via RSS? It’s only 25 people or something according to Feedly. So I assume that if I let you know when I pull the trigger – you might come with me?

Whilst I’ve been doing a lot of work with with Ruderal.com domain. I think it might be better if I actually just move everything to thejaymo.net as part of the centralisation.

I also spent some time looking into how I convert / move a personal gmail account to G-Suite and its…. intense 👀

I’m not sure if its worth doing or not. Basically for a lot of time and hassle plus 4 quid more a month I’ll get unlimited photos/drive space. I might ask around with other folks and see what they do.

Permanently Moved

Words Words Words


Writing, How much effort a creative practice requires, The need to tell our own stories, and be supportive of one another.


‘To be a writer you have to write. And the more you write, the better you’ll be. That’s the only thing I can think of doing, and yet, so often it feels like a vanity to be producing more and more words’
@huwlemmey // https://huw.substack.com/

Orbital Operations Newsletter // http://orbitaloperations.com/

Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life // https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/12543.Bird_by_Bird
You can subscribe to Permanently Moved in itunes: permanentlymoved.online/itunes or search in all your favourite podcatchers.
Permanently moved is a personal podcast 301 seconds in length, written and recorded in one hour by @thejaymo

Dipping the Stacks

Google Patents – This is a trove of ‘neurocapital’ patents owned by one of googles companies. Here’s some examples of patent names:

Reader communication with contact lens sensors and display device
Contact lens with capacitive gaze tracking
Contact lens employing optical signals for power and/or communication

How Indie Artists Actually Make Money in 2019

Biohackers are pirating a cheap version of a million-dollar gene therapy – MIT Technology Review

Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend: Alaska’s universal basic income problem – Vox

The Ministry

As per the afore mentioned thinking about social media I was doing this week, I updated the branding for Permanently Moved (for widescreen players) and completely overhauled my Youtube Channel. I made a lulzy banner too. Hahaha

I also added engagement cards to the end of each of the videos. I figured if Iwas going in to every video to add a cover image I might as well… One person has already clicked one in the last 24 hours to watch/listen to a different video so … already worth the time and effort I suppose?


I’m still reading Extra Lives. It is quite an interesting book… But it hasn’t aged well since the #Metoo , #crunch worker condition and G*m*rG*te that have happened since its publication.


I’ve been listening to Julianna Barick all morning on recommendation of Sarah Shin from Ignota/New Suns festival.

Its loop electronica / new age-y / magic-y. I like it

Remember kids:

098 :: Double Donald’d

I was hoping to round out this week with a DIY repair success. This morning I tried to replace the broken USB port on my Blue Yeti Microphone. My usual approach to these things being ‘Its already fucked, if I break it then it’ll be fucked some more’.

Reader. It is now double fucked.

Lessons learned.
1) Always blame your Tools: Cheap soldering iron will do for guitars, amps etc. But not fit for purpose on a tiny pcb.
1.a) Invest in a variable temp soldering iron thats more than 30watt.
2) I got the part too hot and a coper tracer popped out the laminate which i think means its double fucked.
3) Invest in a desoldering pump.

My Iron is only 30 watt so it took too long to melt the solder and I really damaged the board

I think tomorrow I’ll sheepishly go to the computer repair shop and say this has been ‘Double Donalded’ by me. “I have the part, can you repair it twice over for me?” Even if i bought better tools Im not sure I can repair the tracer without a microscope.

If they say no.. well then it was already broken *shrug* it just makes life more annoying/expensive RE future projects.

Permanently Moved

301 – 1922 – The Internet Isn’t All One Thing

Half articulated thoughts on Waldenponding, literal content and UX verticality, the demands of the attention economy and why return to the Isles of blogging. 
Against Waldenponding
Innocence lost: what did you do before the internet?
Rethinking How I Use Internet: 5
Isles of blogging
You can subscribe to Permanently Moved in itunes: permanentlymoved.online/itunes or search in all your favourite podcatchers.
Permanently moved is a personal podcast 301 seconds in length, written and recorded in one hour by @thejaymo

Dipping the Stacks

Now Therapists Have to Figure Out Astrology, Tarot and Psychedelics – The New York Times

Why We Love to Hate Gallery Dinners | Frieze

Do Plants Have Something to Say? – The New York Times

GrimDark: Loose Canon & Warhammer Race War Aaron Dembski-Bowden Guest Blog – Boomtron

The Ministry

I am going to be in Copenhagen in Jan talking about Land As Platform for an hour.

The panel at unsound on interspecies solidarity is taking shape.

You can see a list of talks i’m giving for the rest of the year here: https://www.thejaymo.net/works/


I read 3 more Warhammer books this week LOL. But I also finished Dark Emu by Bruce Pascoe. It’s an incredible book on aboriginal farming and economy. It also demolishes the racist ‘Hunter gatherer’ history of Australia. So So Good.

I’m about to start reading Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter. It’s supposed to be really good.


Everglow have a cool catchy single out. Even if k-pop isn’t your thing. It’s worth watching because i bet it’ll look 99% better than any movie you have seen this year.

Remember kids:

I feel personally attacked by this meme.

097 :: Fracking Whitney

Last weeks podcast was about ‘cultural fracking’ and how the purveyors and controllers of mass media culture can only continue to make money by fracking the past. Content from a time when mass culture still existed. As their business model relies on their audience being inside a shared reality or shared cultural grammar.

When I murdered Gramchi saying “The new cannot be born whilst the corpse of the old is being constantly ressutated to perform again and again onstage“. I was speaking figuratively. But with Robert De Niro and Al Pacino being de-aged for The Irishman. I suppose… I was also speaking literally too?

So this morning brings the news that Kygo has released a track with the late great Whitney Houston. Now, it’s only because of the video that I find this out the song has been on the radio all summer apparently. Anyway the video is tool that we need to think with further.

Higher Love is an (almost unreleased) cover of Steve Winwood’s 1986 track of the same name. Originally recorded for her album ‘I’m Your Baby’. Her segue into R&B queen from pop queen had already begun in the marketing so it was left of the release.

I’ve listened to the track a few times this morning already. Kygo is obviously the perfect necproducer to take the vocal tracks from 1990 into 2019. After all his Marvin Gaye Sexual Healing remix launched his career back in 2013.

(A track he produced when he had only just turned 21. His entire career of tropical pop vibes has been built from this foundation)

Everything about this Whitney x Kygo track is fascinating:

In the podcast last week I also talked briefly about with the breaking down of our ‘shared cultural grammar’ that has actually caused an explosion in creativity. This new Kygo track is a prefect example of this (remember he did the Marvin Gaye track without permission, the new Whitney Huston track is an opportunity-as-extension of that track tbh)

Observations about the track:

I mean.. It’s a Kygo track – enough said? The tropical Kygo sound I can usually take or leave tbh. I overdosed on it in 2014/5. But it’s Kygo, so you know what you’re get.

He largely leaves her vocals alone in the verses, which I totally understand. )Side note: If you have ever tried to construct a track around Hustons vocals A common challenge on music production forums. Usually with the isolated vocals from ‘How will I know’ – I have two versions of my own attempts from the early 2010’s in deep storage)

In the post chorus bridge he pops in with chopped vocals repeating the ‘higher love’ refrain. Plus this section makes it extremely 2019 with all the big room compression going on around the snare.

The track sonically is 2019 obviosuly. If you listen with a good pair of headphones it is kinda clear that the vocal recording was done with different aesthetics in mind. I suspect that he had to work with the reverb.

The tracks great and would be a stand out Kygo track in his catalogue but I really wouldn’t say its that ‘special’ though – Apart from the inclusion of Whitney Houston from the archives. All in all its a great track. I bet he’s really proud.

About that video tho..

The video isn’t just a nostalgic love fest for a time before Kygo was born (1991) – its vocal track is older than he is.. The video directed by Hannah Lux Davis is fracking our cultural grammar.

Go back and watch it again. This time hear your brain ping with subconscious nostalgic Grammer every time you see something you know.


OMG SHARP GF 9191 Radio Cassette



There’s loads of other dance refrences from movies etc + many other visual ones. I just can’t be assed to list them all.

Plus, let’s not forget that the video stars Vanessa Morgan from Riverdale. A show that plays with atemporal cultural grammar in a way that is extremely effective – See also its cousin show Sabrina.

Basically I don’t like the video at all.

Nostalgia is an emotion. In the middle ages it was considered a disease. This videos attempt to conjure 90s nostalgia but feels ‘fracked’. Leveraging blatantly transparent (to my eye) cultural cues. It try;s an evoke an emotion from the viewer around the setting, its place and time. Of Whitney in her early ascendancy.

Now, It may be that I was actually alive when all these references were current – so maybe im just old and this is the tropey 90’s setting feels the same way to me as war films about WW2 would have felt to my grandad.

But I’m not so sure.

It ‘feels’ to me and I’m going to use the word ‘fracked’ again that the reason it is so pronounced is A Because the song itself uses 30 year old vocal tracks. B it’s a world contained inside a 5min music video which means all the tricks used to sell you a coherent world that no longer exists are compressed and tightened heightening the compression.

Alternatively, Now I’m running out of steam on this thought – that cultural fracking works as a metaphor at cultural level: Reboots of home alone, starwars, transformers, MCU from 70 year old comic book characters, etc

But becomes a different sort of thing at the low end when crafting a world. On the other hand for example the movie MID90S by Jonah Hill felt far more natural in its temporal setting, and not trying to evoke any forced Nostalgia or profit from shared expectations.

So I dunno.

096 :: Salvage/Rescue

After writing on the Accelerationist political compasses last week I thought I’d make my own. The above is a kaleidoscopic compass of speculative multispecies imaginaries.

I made it with Dr Christoph Rupprecht from Doshisha & Kyoto University. Consider it an output from the “multi species cities” research stream his department have. (although he informs me ‘Meme’ is not a check box available to him in his system)

Of course it being made by the two of us, everything is footnoted in a document. Literally every square has two or more references to ideas, concepts, writers or thinkers in this space. I also threw in some Gordon White and M1k3y too obviously.

We’ve been thinking about maybe writing a whole essay together but I’m not sure.

Also Huw Lemmey had some nice words to say about Permanently Moved in his subscriber newsletter Utopian Drivel this week :

I would like to write more informally for this newsletter. I’m also thinking about doing a regular five minute podcast recorded outside, on location, which I might well release on this platform. If you have any thoughts about that, let me know — the idea comes partially from @thejaymo’s compelling podcast ‘301 – Permanently Moved’, a personal podcast 301 seconds in length. He writes, records and edits it every week in one hour, and following its development has been so interesting for me, its bitesize format allowing for short and punchy snippets of information.

I’m sure he won’t mind me saying that not every episode is for everyone, but they’re short enough that you listen anyway, following the ebb and flow of his intellectual life on a weekly basis. Having that constant this year has helped ground my own writing, but also I have noticed that I’m becoming a bit of a shut-in here in Barcelona (always a bad habit and function of my mental health), so perhaps a regular short podcast on life outside would, at the very least, be good for me. Stay tuned, and, in the meantime, do subscribe to Jay’s podcast. Three highlights for me have been:

[Media property name] isn’t your friend
Stella Maris

I had coffee with the artist Penny Goring in Kingston today. It was super good to meet her IRL finally despite living round the corner from her and knowing her online for nearly a decade.

Permanently Moved

301 – 1921 – Spider-Man’s MCU No Deal Webxit

The Disney vs Sony Webxit negotiations. 
Gramsci, Cultural Fracking and, fans being dispossessed of their stories by private interests
This episode follows directly on from 1914 [Media property name] isn’t your friend.
You can subscribe to Permanently Moved in itunes: permanentlymoved.online/itunes or search in all your favourite podcatchers.
Permanently moved is a personal podcast 301 seconds in length, written and recorded in one hour by @thejaymo

Pretty pleased with this weeks show. A few folks have said that they were nodding along with the argument about the end of history and how purveyor of mass media culture can only continue to do so by fracking content from a time that it still existed.

Though I did make a whole podcast just because I thought of the word Webxit during the week. Also disappointed in the comic books media for not using it as a headline

Dipping the Stacks

Profile: Bob Kramer of Kramer Knives Is Just Getting Started • Gear Patrol

Dropping Out: Why and How? | Meta-Nomad

I Tried to Live Like Joe Rogan – The Atlantic

NYU professor Scott Galloway calls WeWork ‘WeWTF,’ slams bankers

The Ministry



Atomic habits was a little better than first impressions. Had some good ideas that I’m going to take with me.

Spear of the Emperor is hands down one of the best 40k novels. Not for beginners but if you know the universe the lore etc its fantastic.

I’ve finally started reading Dark Emu

I’m finally reading Dark Emu. And its fantastic.


Club music are great.

Also been listening to a lot of this new track by Fire-Toolz. It’s all over the place and extremely my shit.

Remember kids:

095 :: Half formed thoughts On ‘Ralphing’ and Compass Memes

Jump to the Essay

This week has been a week of difference influences swelling and receding like overlapping waves on the beach.

I’ve had on many hats for a few hours at a time this week.

I had a skype call with a narrative director of a large MMO about doing some work with them, which devolved into a conversation about Games Workshop finally listening to 40 years of customer complaints before we could really talk about the nature of the work. .

I was supposed to meet up for drinks with a ‘eerie ecology/film/geography/nonhuman art&research filmaker’. But had to move it to next week.

I also spoke to a VC briefly about maybe doing some strategy work with them, we’ll see how that goes too.

I also went to the Proms on Tuesday as the parents unfortunately couldn’t go themselves. Pretty standard week.

As I mentioned last week I’ve started making music again. This week I spent 2 evenings refreshing my memory on how to build synths from scratch using the principles of subtractive synthesis in Renoise


Permanently Moved

301 – 1920 – Episode 50 (Sprint Review)


A nice round number seemed like a good time to review where I am at.

I discuss how the show has evolved, workflow, stats, “Perfectionism is the voice of the oppressor” and that making this weekly has done wonders for my psychological health.

You can subscribe to Permanently Moved in itunes: permanentlymoved.online/itunes or search in all your favourite podcatchers.

Permanently moved is a personal podcast 301 seconds in length, written and recorded in one hour by @thejaymo

Can’t believe I’ve made 50 of these so far. Big thanks to Warren for the idle morning.computer thought which became the catalyst for me last year to start making it.

Dipping the Stacks

Electric Boats Could Be Floating Batteries For Island Microgrids – IEEE Spectrum

Workers Seize the Shipyard That Built the Titanic, Plan to Make Renewable Energy There – VICE

As a shepherd, I know we have not ‘sheepwrecked’ Britain’s landscape
This whole article is basically “as a lumberjack, I know we haven’t over cut” 

German Peasants’ Song – Die Gedanken Sind Frei | Three Acres And A Cow

The Ministry

I started writing the half sketched bones of an essay to clarify my own thoughts that wasn’t going anywhere. As per this weeks podcast about pushing more stuff out I thought I’d flesh it out a bit and post it here

On Compasses and Quadrants

This week feels like the week that the weird Accelerationist political 4×4 compass levelled up out of cave twitter and went into wider consciousness.

The first in the genre I ever saw was on a friends computer at the workspace for “blockchain and utopian conspiracy Trust Support when I was speaking at P2P Web Berlin early last year.

This ACCompass came from Insta about a month ago

And this recent one is the one that has punched though.

I should note that Lilypatchwork is a “post left is the most left” internet figure. They themselves pointed out the pipeline to this sort of worldview in a recent tweet

post/ultra-left ==> left-leaning u/acc ==> problematic g/acc

Note: G/acc BTW for the un-initiated stands for Gender Accelerationsist (IE: using gender’s own process of decay to destroy the gender class system) It’s like xenofems black goo mirror universe form. Anyway I’m pretty deep in these circles quite a few people have read my conspiracy essay and stacktivism stuff but its not relevant or where I was going – Back to the compasses:

I know many in the Milieu love the 2×2 for reasons that Venkat neatly summed up way back in 2009

The quadrant diagram has achieved the status of an intellectual farce. If you, as a presenter, do not make an ironic joke when you throw one on the screen, you will automatically lose a lot of credibility.

How to Draw and Judge Quadrant Diagrams

I myself have my own contribution to the genre as part of the Cross-quadrant Working Group when I was writing about Conspiracy Theories, the value of entertaining them, and why everyone needs a bootstrapped postmodern hermeneutics of their own back in 2016

From my talk “Confusing ourselves to death” @ Unsound 2018

Anyways the good Ahmet A. Sabancı (in my head I always add the A. to his name) wrote the following in his most recent newsletter

Give Me More Compasses

Jay’s Twitter thread got me thinking about how we’re thinking about the future itself and how most of the mainstream conversation is stuck. Compasses over there names many different possibilities we might face or some of us even facing —maybe not as extreme as a sci-fi novel. I think one powerful side of compasses is the fact that it gives all options/possibilities at once, overloading the mind and forcing you to think about it.

I think that’s something we need more. Not always compasses but ways to push people to think about the futures we might face and start working on it. Although it might seem that all of those futures are far away but when you start thinking about it, you also understand that most of those possibilities are already here and rest is just 5 minutes bus ride away.

Compasses —especially the ones like the one here— with their design and the information density is something perfect for our current social media madness. It interrupts the clickbait and will-be-forgotten-tomorrow news and never-ending outrages with its weirdness and pulls people out of it. Of course one needs to take another step after seeing this but if we’re stuck with the current situation for now, I think best we can do is to make it as weird as possible. So that we can lure people to blogs, newsletters and other dark sides of the internet where real conversation happens. To at least try to break that banality of the future.

The bold points are my own, but also key here and I think speak for them selves.

It is exactly the “all options/possibilities at once” which makes them such fascinating memetic objects. Far more so than the tired pedestrian chaotic alignment charts you see floating around. #ACCompasses are an uplifted version of the 2×2 grid that have ascended beyond intellectual farce into the world of illusion and imagination.

In my opinion, one of the interesting judo moves that the X/Acc scene has been developing the last few years is to use weirdness as a bait/hook for the real praxis (even if the praxis is further speculation for now).

In the Acc world things aren’t weird for weirdness sake. But weird because the weirdness interrupts the clickbait attention feed. FWIW I think Haraway’s “Cthulhuscene” attempted this move in the academic world but largely fell before finished. “Tentacular Thinking” however…. influenced this information/meme dynamic deeply.

I’m inclined to see these compasses as one of the first direct examples of “Accelerationsist Anti-praxis” propaganda.

Anti-praxis consists of two basic principles: making political action as impersonal as possible and intensifying the actually existing processes of liberation and emancipation, without situating our actions within/against capitalism, but following those political vectors which point directly towards a possible exit.

Applying Applied Ballardianism

Mr Bloggy himself AKA Mat of xenogothic.com wrote a good piece late last year on anti praxis

One of the things I think is clear about this form of compass media object is that they rapidly open up new cognitive territory. But they also seize and claim the new territory the moment that you realise that it has formed in your brain. Like laying tarot cards of a kind you have never seen before on the table, and before you can read the spread shouting SNAP and pulling them back.

In the meme theory back channels I frequent this is known as “Ralphing”

Each and every box in those x/Acc political compasses is Ralphing cognitive territory. If just for a moment.

Again some more Xenogoth on anti-praxis this time quoting Land

Here we find the anti-praxis of U/Acc emerging into view. As space-time disintegrates, you have to make yourself worthy of the process. Land concludes:

Any perspective that can actually be realized has already been localized by serial breakages. Nothing begins with the whole, unless as illusion. Today, we know this both empirically and transcendentally. Anything not done in pieces is not done in profound accordance with reality.

I’m running the risk of putting woke words into Land’s mouth here but I think the implications are far clearer here than they have ever been. Expect frequent referrals back to this post in the future.


The ACCompass Meme is an illusion. A whole Ralph memetic object of weirdness that is the summation of its individual Ralphs. One so powerful as to pull you, even just for a moment from the day to day algorymic media madness.

Note for readers who feel they are hallucinating. I highly recommend Xenogoths U/ACC primer


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I started reading Atomic Habits by James Clear this week.

It’s not very good at all. I wouldn’t bother with it if you have ever thought about wanting to read it. The whole books reads like an advert for his blog which itself is a vehicle advertising James Clear.

I have of course been inhaling more warhammer 40k books. I read the BobbyG Primark series book, and started Spear of the Emperor but I’m only like 12% of the way in.


I’ve been enjoying Pharmakon’s new track Spit It Out this week. It’s a claustrophobic noise hammer of epic proportions.

Pharmakon is the solo experimental music project of Margaret Chardiet. Her 2017 album Contact was fantastic.

I’ve also been listning to the new Album Collab Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back by Uniform & The Body ITS FANTASTIC

Remember kids: