070 :: No Marxist Disco

I think Mondays may be becoming the day for posting this diary/blog thing. Weekends are getting a little bit busier than they were last year. Party due to the fact that my anxiety has reduced massively. Leaving the house feels ok – not great but ok. However the complete apathy to ‘outside/away from the flat’ has gone away. This aside I am still extremely happy with the amount of travel and various things I forced myself to do last year.

The week since my last update has been quite fun.

I sat in on the Trust.Support community call. If you don’t know Trust is a community/co working space in Berlin. It is ‘a space for platform design and utopian conspiracy’. They hosted Terr0’s flower tokens experiment, and also P2P web that I spoke at last year. If you are ever in Berlin, check out the space and their events. there’s always something going on. Following the call it sounds like even more will be happening at the site.

I also went to see Tim Ingold speak at the Monsoon [+ other] Grounds Symposium hosted at University of Westminster . He was speaking on ‘What is the ground’ and was extremely Ingold-ian. I loved it.

It was also a nice surprise to bump into two landscape architects i know in the audience, I am supposed to be writing a chapter for their book (Publish ETA 2021) .

Tim Ingold ‘What is the ground?’

That was super fun.

I hung out with some friends on Friday night who I haven’t seen properly in a while which meant I had a massive hangover in London the next day early doors seeing Mr Vickers.

I took a photo of him, but i don’t think im going to post it here. BUT Ben has shaved his head and got some cool glasses, so he’s moving swiftly towards becoming Mat Dryhurst who amusingly messaged me whilst we were hanging out. The conversation as always was fantastic. We spent most of the day in the sun in Regent’s Park amongst the cheery blossom in the Japanese garden.

After leaving Vickers at the RA I swung by some friends who were on the (remain/peoples vote/revoke article 50/whatever it was about) March. And then went home. Had a great week for socialising.

Permanently Moved

Review of Monica Gagliano’s: Thus Spoke the Plant: A Remarkable Journey of Groundbreaking Scientific Discoveries and Personal Encounters with Plants Buy It!!

I’m really proud of this episode, If you like it too please like,share,subscribe. This year i’d like to try? and move it beyond just friends and family.

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Dipping the Stacks

Belief in aliens could be America’s next religion | The Outline

A Manifesto for Revolutionary Demonology | NERO Editions

Atheism Is Inconsistent with the Scientific Method, Prize-Winning Physicist Says – Scientific American

The Ministry

Happy to announce I am now a speaker with They Are Europe

I also have a few speaking things lined up already one in The Hague and another in Barcelona during the summer, Announcements for that shortly.

I was encouraged by Mat Dryhurst the other day to push out some more content. He has convinced me to post the transcripts of ‘greatest hits’ of Permanently Moved from last year to medium or whatever. I think this is a good idea tbh. I might just well do that.


I am still reading Tim’s Infinite Detail. I haven’t been able to focus on it for some reason and have only been able to grab it in snatches of 5/10 mins. Though if the weather stays nice this week, I’ll take it with me to the park or sit by the river.


So much good stuff came out in the last few weeks. Im catching up. Firstly:

DroneFlower – For the Sun Project is about to drop soon. A collabo between Marissa Nadler and Stephen Brodsky from Cave In.

Green Lung – Call of the Coven

They are a sludgy/stoner band from UK playing occult-y groove music. The whole album is fantastic – A bit Sabbath, Maiden, Orange Goblin, plus lyrics about letting the devil in – Fucking A! It’d totally be in a band like this.

Last but not least I would be lying if I didn’t say i’ve been listening to a fuck ton of Billie Eilish. Bury a Friend is her finest achievement todate. Cant wait for the album

I suppose I should mention Grimes U/Acc concept album announcement but i’m not going to.

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069 :: <– Nice

I missed posting last weekend due to being super busy with a friends engagement party and the subsequent hangover. It’s Wednesday now and I can barely remember what went on…

*looks at diary*

I had an MRI on Wednesday. Just a general check in after 16 years of Crohn’s Disease. I had to drink a ton of laxatives so that meant the rest of the day hanging out with the squirtle sqaud.

Oh yeah. Had a great time in central on Monday at a social thing full of internet weirdos.

I met with the founder of a super cyberpunk real estate project for Lunch on Friday. Hung out with some old/former colleagues over coffee and then went to see a show and tell from Common Knowledge at newspeak house

Dipping the stacks

Five Indonesian Authors You Should Read | Literary Hub

Meet Romania’s Very Internet-Savvy Witch Community

How do we use Neighbourhood Planning to fight climate change? – Shared Assets

The Ministry

Check out Common Knowledge (A not-for-profit workers cooperative)
They are Activists and software developers designing platform-level tools to grow the grassroots left.

Having been to their public sprint review, I am extremely impressed at the high level of operation going on in this outfit.


I finished Dune. Not the first one, but book 8 – of the whole main chronicles series. I’ve read all 8 of them since Jan and quite frankly I’m all dune’d out. I have some notes towards doing a podcast on it soon.

I just started reading Tim’s Infinite Detail. It has one hell of an opening.

Image result for infinite detail


This performance of Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto no.2 by Anna Fedorova is incredible.

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068 :: Happy New Year!!

Its March but it feels like the new year.

We got back from our grand tour a little over a week and a half ago. Life is already back into full swing. It is nice to be approaching familiar tracks and paths with new eyes.

If you were close enough to me to be following along on instagram you know that Eve and I had a lovely time. Asia and Australia (especially Indonesia) are places that I never thought I’d go. So the whole trip had an added kind of surrealism wrapped around it.

I remember seeing a thing on Blue Peter once as a kid. About how the water goes down the plug hole in a different direction in the southern hemisphere – and it blew my mind. The first thing I did on arriving at the AirBnB in Indonesia was to turn the tap on and witness it for myself. A Miracle. A wonder of nature. It’s always the small things.

Permanently Moved

301 – 1901 – 1000mph club

This is literally just me talking about going away and getting back from my holiday. New year same old me. Trying to ease back in to making this.

Notes: Occulture Podcast – Solarpunk

You can subscribe to Permanently Moved in itunes: permanentlymoved.online/itunes or search in all your favourite podcatchers.Permanently moved is a personal podcast 301 seconds in length, written and recorded in one hour by @thejaymo

Dipping the stacks

The People Who Eat the Same Meal Every Day

(Literally me. I eat the same breakfast everyday for months sometimes years on end)

California family furious after hospital uses video call to tell grandfather he’s dying

Why It’s Important to Consider Whether Dune Is a White Savior Narrative

The Ministry

I’ve been encouraged by a few people I admire and value in private conversations since I got back to publish, publish everything, push all ALL the content.

It is apparently vital that I stop waiting for the threads of the future come to me and push out things to make the hustle of what i want to do with my life viable. With this in mind I’m going to do so.

I’ve been extremely worried – perhaps since the earliest stacktivism days – that publishing things that i think and believe on the internet is going to get me canceled. This is the main reason i haven’t ever just pushed out content at pace. The other reason is as an artsy person/under student the one thing that I feel university should have taught me (to ditch perfectionism) didn’t.

But its 2019 and I have so much to do and get done. The only option is to push stuff out and move on. Only Forward.

In other news I was on an episode of Occulture Podcast talking about SOLARPUNK with Gordon White from Runesoup recorded whilst staying with him in deepest darkest Tasmania in Feb.


I’ve read 16 Books so far this year. 5 Of them Dune Novels. I will also be writing a review of Thus Spoke The Plant v.soon. TLDR is its one of the best books i’ve read this side of the year 2000

My Goodreads profile is below:


Holly just announced the release of her new album and released the newest single. I can’t wait for this. Holly, Mat and everyone else involved has been working on it for a long time. Can’t wait!

Pop Princess Kim Petras has two singles that came out since I last posted. One Featuring SOPHIE the other being a Power Pop Banger. Both embeded below:

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067 :: The odyssey – it’s long

A quite week. One that suddenly got really busy towards the back end.

I’ve seen a lot of friends that I haven’t seen in ages this week. Still haven’t done any Christmas shopping yet which is beginning a slow burn stress. On top of that i’ve been ignoring thinking about going travelling so thats a secondary chapter of stress that I’m waiting to turn the page on.

Does anyone else think the image below sums up the internet this week? Or is it just all the time and you just forget?

Permanently Moved

Fridays are no longer the best day for me to record a podcast. This is the first week someone has messaged me when I’ve missed it.

If I was going to do a podcast it would have been on this amazing article about mindfulness in SV.

Hacking inner peace

Dipping the stacks


A Preview of Your Chinese Future

Disunion: Visions of Our Fragmented Future

The Ministry

I’ll be putting out a PDF before Christmas – Hope people find it interesting.


I’m still listening to the odyssey it’s long. I’m really interested in how the concept of xenos works. Plus I love the gods. It’s a fantastic translation.

I’m hoping to finish it and start Richard K Morgans new Thin Air


Definitely not new but i’ve been listening to Bach’s Cello Suites on repeat this week.

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066 :: RAXy bangers

I had all sorts of personal things going on this week. Trips to the doctor, trips to the hospital, drinks with friends, former colleagues, and friends over from Australia.

I also had my jabs to go abroad in Jan/Feb and have spent the weekend feeling rough. Also found out that the old start up I used to work for is being investigated for tax fraud and by implication so am I – major fucking drag.

We are about to go eat Indian and I’m not really feeling blogging this week so it’ll be short

Permanently Moved

Episode 30 – Acts of St Andrew

It’s St Andrews Day, So i thought maybe I could talk about him and make you listen.

You can subscribe to Permanently Moved in itunes: permanentlymoved.online/itunes or search in all your favourite podcatchers.

Permanently moved is a personal podcast 301 seconds in length, written and recorded in one hour by @thejaymo

Dipping the stacks

Archaeologists recover rare 9,000-year-old mask found by West Bank settler

Tallgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer

The Conversations that Cryptocurrency Killed

There Are No Digital Humanities

Beyond The Iron Gates: How Nazi-Satanists Infiltrated the UK Underground

The Ministry

Working on something for next year.
I should be putting out a nice pdf or something before xmas  – tbd

Had some interesting calls.


I’m still listening to the odyssey it’s long.


Grimes’ new RAXy banger obviously. Should we be calling it elon-o-pop?
It’s cool to see some of the basilisk culture seeping into the mainstream. If she doesn’t reference Nick Land on the next album I’ll be disappointed.

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065 :: Little black box of banality

I’ve been back on the chalk again. Went down late on Wednesday night. Spent most of the day waiting around for my new pixel 3 to arrive (spoiler alert it is now Sunday morning and it still hasn’t arrived). When I arrived back home the extended family where there, My Aunty Heather, her boyfriend and my uncle Michael (who you may remember previously from the trip to the grave in Belgium).

The reason for the visit home was for the dentist. It might be a bit crazy that I travel over 100 miles to visit my dentist, but for a long long time the visit would always sync up with my visit to my gastroenterology consultant to check in on my crohn’s disease. Unfortunately due to (i think) being dropped from the list in margate this is no longer the case and to be honest hasn’t been so for the last couple of years. Anyway, the nice South African man has been looking in my mouth since I was about 10 and still continues to just nod and “say well done” about having no cavities. Despite the varying amounts of effort and diligence i’ve put in to the simple act of brushing my teeth during different sections of my life.

A part from the dentist I didn’t really have a lot on. I spent one evening replying to half the emails that I have backed up and will spend some point tomorrow doing the same. Mainly the last few days I’ve jumped in the car whenever mum and dad were going out somewhere and walked around the out of town shopping centre with them. The other day they got a dashcam installed on their car, which is quite cyberpunk if you ask me.

Whilst at home, I spent some time in front of the old nemesis the television. An odd experience i’ve always associated with going home since I was at university. It is however (in my opinion) far easier to Negotiate space with that little black box of banality in the corner than the black slab of glass that i keep in my pocket. Whilst watching Pointless and the One Show over dinner one night that television is far less vicious, threatening and stressful than anything available on the super small screen and there is something to be said for that. Different kinds of demons behind the glass.

It makes me feel yet again that a renegotiation needs to take place, not owning a television has always been one of the things in my life that i’ve enjoyed. But now i’m one of those people who can put their phones away – tho i think that I am a lot better this year than I have been in previous ones.

Permanently Moved

Nope no podcast this week either. I did sling my mic in my backpack but it didn’t occur to me to make it. I’ve really been enjoying making it this year, but after the episode 2 weeks ago, which was/felt like a long rant pouring out of me i’ve taken the last two weeks to reconsider what i want the podcast to be. I have favourite episodes etc ones that im pleased with how they sound, and others how i made them and i’m wondering how to make the show more like that in the long run.

I’ve been going back though the HowSound back catalogue and feel quite confident that i’ll be able to tighten things up and move towards something that i’m going to be even more happy with.

Dipping the stacks

I know i usually post links here without commentary, but this last one – On Paganism – is an important addition to/follow up on the ongoing conversation sparked by Sarah Anne Lawless in her Neopaganism for sale piece i linked to last week. There is a lot in this ongoing conversation that i think needs separating and teasing out but I’m glad that it is happening.

The Ministry

Yeah, life’s good work wise. As you know if you have been following along. I did a bunch of stuff last week that I’m still following up on.

Biggest news i suppose is I have a big event booked in for 2021 already which is a nice surprise. My dad was like ‘how do you know what you’ll be doing in May 2021 and I pointed at the email and said “This”. Hahaha. Well it made me laugh anyway. I also have a big conference to speak up next year already so i only really need to book something in stone for 2020 and i’ll begin to suspect that i may be getting somewhere with all this.

I’m looking forward to going away for 6 weeks in January, to reflect plan and build on ideas about what I want to do long term.


I’ve finally started listening to the new Odyssey translation by Emily Wilson on Audible. The narration is fantastic and i think i’m enjoying it more because i’m listening to the audio version than just reading it from a page. It IS meant to be be a performance after all.

I started picking at For a Left Populism by Chantal Mouffe over breakfast but i haven’t yet sunk my teeth into it yet.


Last FM tells me that the i haven’t really listened to much this week, but i will say that i listened to Working Class Woman by French Canadian producer Marie Davidson. It’s her fourth album and i wouldn’t say that it is my favourite. But its certainly still her style. If you ever need to be reminded what it’s like to be in a claustrophobic techno club full of strangers at 3am in a foreign city. This is the album for you.

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064 :: Citizenships and Community

Note Im writing this blogpost in the new wordpress visual editor thing. It’s crap and laggy as hell. Missing a bunch of features. Just Awful. 

It’s been a busy week for me (in comparison to other weeks recently). 

Monday Eve passed her driving test in the morning so we were all very pleased about that. We all had a celebration obviously.  

Tuesday was extremely domestic with appointments in the morning and later on in the day in kingston and back in Surbiton in the evening.

Wednesday I battled South Western Railway’s consistently piss poor service to arrive *on time* for lunchtime/early afternoon at Furtherfield. To discuss both the previosuly mentioned citizen scifi project and also a futurescapes project. Graham from spiralseed was there – whilst we have met before, it was the first time we have interacted in any great length.

Also, Mr James Taylor (AKA @LondonPrmcultr) was also at the same meeting, we’ve been tracking each other online for years at this point i think and it was good to ‘meat’ him IRL as it were. The discussion about the projects was fruitful but the best bit was being in the 12 pins at 3pm with them both. It’s one of the first times i’ve been able to nerd out about permaculture with people who are so deep in the discipline they teach PDC’s etc.

Following those drinks relocated to meet Mr Goth: Proprietor and president of https://xenogothic.com in soho. I arrived half cut, but you always start as you mean to go on when you’re meeting people off the internet i suppose. We had fantastic conversation about the state of the L/U/R/ACC milieu including the tech world. We ended up in the phoenix just behind the old BHS building and had a nice chat with a property man

Thursday morning was spent moving quite slowly after the evening before. But then went into town for the evening to eat dinner at Lima in Fitzrovia. Im not going to say who I had dinner with but it was absolutely fucking fantastic. I wouldn’t go back to that place if given the choice.

Friday was the landscape citizenships symposium at Conway hall, initiated in part by the good Tim Waterman – another internet acquaintance I’ve met via Furtherfield. You may remember I spoke about Kennith Olwig and his concept of landscape in episode 3 of permanently moved way back in April. He closed out the symposium and went off on one hard about the philosophy of euclidean geometry and how it relates to maps in reference to every thing he’d heard during the day.

A real highlight for me to be honest!

It was also a pleasure to sit next to the previously mentioned Good Mr LondonPrmcultr at the venue and have him as conference buddy for the day. We had many good chats reacting to what was going on with the academic talks. After that we went for beers with Andy Goldring the Boss of the UK Permaculture Association. That whole conversation smoking outside in the misty streets of london was fantastic. Realy realy facianting.

Saturday I went to St Albans to see the extended fams. I ate a delicious mushroom burger.

But now it’s sunder and I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather since I got in last night.

Permanently Moved

I didn’t record a permanently moved this week. But I may record two next week. I have a few things to respond to having been at the landscape citizenships conference

Dipping the stacks

Hauntology, Lost Futures and 80s Nostalgia 

That “ethics in hamburger journalism” article but I forgot to bookmark it Im sure you know the article im talking about.

Understanding Platforms through Value Chain Maps

For Sale: Neopaganism “As Is”

Visions of Ether: How major narratives of Ethereum and $ETH have evolved over time.

The Ministry

It’s all going quite well actually.


I haven’t been reading much this week, I used quite a bit of time traveling on the train to catch up on podcasts.

This interview with Eza Kline is really interesting: Whitney Phillips explains how Trump controls the media. So is the interview between rogan and the swimmer guy


Been a good week for music tbh. The news of the year has to be that there is a new mineral track – their first new song in 20 years.

I also finally got round to listening to Art Pop champion Kimbra’s new Album Primal Heart. It’s a mixed bag but there’s a bunch of amazing stand out tracks.

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